She’s already become a full-blown Instagram influencer, but now Jana Duggar is ready to add being a vlogger to her resumé as well. On Tuesday, December 10, the Counting On star created her very own YouTube channel — and by Wednesday, December 11, she’d uploaded her first video. In the clip, she’s taking fans through the step to make one of the family’s famous recipes: Duggar homemade rolls.

Plenty of Duggar family members have shared the steps on their social media before — including little sister Jinger Duggar on Thursday, December 12 — but Jana, 29, had her own take on the recipe. Though she doesn’t actually speak at all in the clip, she shared a message with her fans on her Instagram page. “While I don’t always like doing things ‘by the book,’ I have found that some recipes are helpful to follow as they are written,” she told fans with a laughing emoji. “When I was a teenager, my first attempt at making these rolls took me 9 tries before I got it right! That’s right, 9! I’ll blame the first few batches on bad yeast, but the next several failures were just me trying my own ‘creative’ ways! And the rest were simply due to my impatience. 🙈”

Opening up about her baking fails, she continued, “For one of those nine particular batches, I decided to turn the oven on to speed up the rising process.💡Brilliant, right? I thought so 😆 Except I forgot about it and left the oven on too long. The dough was in a plastic bowl and you can probably guess what happened next … Yep! A melted, goopy mess all over the oven! I also tried heating the dough up with a blow dryer to help it rise. That didn’t work either. 😜 In the end, I found out that yeast rolls, like many other things, just take time!”

Promising that the actual recipe is “tried and true” if you follow it (and don’t try to add your own hacks if you’re not a legit professional chef), the eldest Duggar daughter directed her fans to the clip. On Friday, December 13, she shared it again, this time posting a close up photo of the family’s recipe card. She even tried to answer a fan’s question in the comments about possible ingredient substitutions.

“Can we use coconut oil or butter instead of shortening?” one would-be-baker wanted to know. “Yes, I think you can,” Jana responded. But if you couldn’t tell by her blow dryer baking hack, she may not be exactly an expert. “Shortening has a higher melting point/melts slower in recipes so it leaves flaky little pockets — as the bread bakes, the little bits of shortening slowly melt,” another fan explained instead. “Coconut oil could be used, but it melts super fast, so you will lose your flakiness and the bread would be more dense. The same goes for butter. … The result will be edible, but not as flaky/fluffy as the shortening version.”

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