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A Beautiful Round-Up of Jana Duggar Taking Care of Other People’s Children, Bless

We've long picked up that the older Duggar siblings raised their own little brothers and sisters — oh, the fallacy of the Buddy Teams. Yet as more and more kids get married off, one woman is left running the household, and that's our girl Jana Duggar. See, as far as I can tell, Jim Bob is mostly around to make sure that patriarchal order stays in tact. Michelle makes cameos when it comes to "Congratulations" videos, struggling to wonder the name of the child she's well-wishing (something with a J, right?) This pretty much leaves Jana to parent her siblings, nieces, and nephews, which just seems a smidge unfair.

We're sure you didn't miss the newsflash, but despite being the eldest sister, Jana is the only one of the older girls who isn't, technically, a mother. So why does every picture of Jana have her cradling someone else's baby? And as an added tragic puncation, the comments section reads like every Thanksgiving lecture I've had from age 15 to 27: "You're so beautiful, don't worry, you'll find yourself a man soon." But the Cinderella Duggar doesn't need a man, she needs a Mary Poppins — and TBH, a vacation. Is her beauty able to get her that?

Below, Mom of the Year Jana Duggar raising her siblings and her siblings' children.

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