Keeping it real! Jameela Jamil has spoken out about the Kardashians before, but she wants to make it clear that all celebrities should be straightforward in today’s society, she told In Touch exclusively.

“I just think all celebrities, and I really want you to make sure that you write I said ALL celebrities, have a duty and a responsibility to that audience to be transparent about how they achieved their aesthetic. If you have surgery, talk about it,” she said during the Aerie REALtreat event on Saturday, June 8. “If you have a personal trainer and a chef, a dietician, and I don’t know, laser therapy or something for your cellulite, don’t attribute everything to a powder that you don’t even drink that is over the internet.”

In the past, the 33-year-old called out Khloé Kardashian among other famous people who previously posted ads for weight loss products on Instagram. The Good Place actress doesn’t want people to get the wrong ideas about these goodies. “It’s very irresponsible, and they’re being hospitalized now because these products are so dangerous. Nothing, no powder of the internet can detox you. Only your liver and your kidneys can detox you, and these kids don’t know any better because they’re not being taught how to counteract this assault in schools,” she explained. “Schools need to step up and teach kids social media literacy and teach them about the dangers of these pills because schools and government and media isn’t. I’m doing it.”

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The U.K. native is so passionate about making sure that kids are aware of what they’re putting into their bodies because she once had a bad experience when she was younger. The A-lister revealed during an episode of Emerging Hollywood that she was “fully anorexic” by the age of 13 and that she “had an anorexic mentality” until she was about 28 or 29 years old.

“I was the kid who took all of those products and drank one of those drinks, and you know, was up in agony holding my stomach because I was taking laxatives at 12 years old,” she confessed to In Touch. “It was really, really, really scary. I just thought nothing in the world mattered unless I was six and a half stone, which is about 90 pounds, and I’m 5 foot 10, yeah. But I didn’t.”

She added, “I had a scholarship. I was a musician, I was a bright kid. I had great grades, so I was a good kid. I had so many things that I should have felt proud of myself over, but I felt ashamed because I wasn’t skinny. I don’t want anyone else to waste their time like that.”

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That feeling when one of your biggest dreams come true. I can’t wait to tell you in a few months what I just did. I wish you could read my mind. This is going to be an unbearable secret to keep. ❤️

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Luckily, the brunette beauty is feeling good these days after talking about her issues. “I think [it] gives you a real sense of community, and also, it means that I’m exposing the bully in my head,” she said. “When I talk about the bully in my head, the bully in my head can’t hide anymore, and so, it just feels like I’m outing my abuser and also calling out companies that hurt women like me. It’s incredibly empowering.”

It sure is! We love your candidness, Jameela.

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