Fans were stunned when reports surfaced that George Clooney was selling his beloved Lake Como, Italy, waterfront mansion after owning the property for more than two decades. The actor is now speaking out about if he’s actually parting with his European vacation home.

Is George Clooney Selling His Lake Como House?

No way according to George. When asked if he was leaving Italy while heading in to the 2023 Albie Awards on September 28, he said, “Absolutely not, it’s a made-up story.” George said when he read about it, his reaction was, “Wow, I’m selling my house,” adding, “I think it was $107 million. They just pick a number and say it.”

After the reports went worldwide, wife Amal Clooney added, “All our friends were really upset,” that the couple would be leaving the stunning villa, as George interjected, “Yeah, people were calling us, ‘You’re moving?’ I’m like, ‘No!'”

When Did George Clooney Buy His Lake Como House?

The Ticket to Paradise star purchased the 18th century villa located in Laglio, Italy, on Lake Como ‘s western shore in 2002. At the time, reports claimed he paid between $7 to $10 million for the property. The home was previously owned by the Heinz ketchup family’s estate. George also purchased two adjoining properties, using one as an editing suite and the other as a garage to store his extensive vintage motorcycle collection.

What Has George Clooney Said About His Lake Como House?

“What changed my life in a very pleasant and unexpected way was buying the villa in Laglio,” George told reporters at a press conference while promoting his 2010 movie The American. “That was a pure investment decision. I thought maybe I would spend a few weeks vacationing there. But then I realized how beautiful life was in Italy and how it really helped calm me and not feel so pressured.”

What Famous Stars Have Stayed at George Clooney’s Lake Como House?

George is famous for entertaining his celebrity friends at the 25-room Villa Oleandra over the summer months. He’s hosted the likes of President Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts and more at his Lake Como estate. In 2004, the cast of Oceans Twelve stayed there rather than a local hotel while filming in the area.

The villa has also been home to at least one celebrity wedding. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt tied the knot at Villa Oleandra on July 10, 2010.

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