Are Bar and Ashley still together? Bariki Smith and Ashley Jones brought tons of drama to Season 1 of MTV's newest reality TV series Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, and things really came to a head during the season finale. Despite all of that, the young couple seemed to overcome it and they even announced their engagement earlier this month — but that was short-lived because Bar and Ashley broke up on Sunday, June 25, according to Bar's mother Shenandoah "Shen" Williams.

"So trouble on [sic] paradise," Shen tweeted. "They deleted pics of each other and blocked each other, Tea bag on a give heavenly advice ?[sic]. Tea bag is a mess. I won't pretend to be hurt. But he will go back."

Tea bag is Shen's nickname for Ashley's mother, who goes by Pastor Tea on Instagram. Bar and Ashley's breakup is just another thing that adds fuel to the fire of this longstanding family feud. Ashley does not get along with Shen ever since Shen allegedly made threats on social media to send people to Ashley's home to beat her up. Since then, Ashley's mother Pastor Tea doens't get along with Shen either, and she also doesn't get along with Bar.

But all of the tension between Shen and Ashley lead to an explosive, physical altercation during Bar's 21st birthday party — and fans were certain that it would be the end for Bar and Ashley's relationship.

Ashley had planned a big event for Bar's birthday and she did not invite his mom, so of course, Shen was upset. But Bar's mom decided that she would still show up to her son's birthday party with Bar's brothers, and it went down almost as soon as Shen walked through the door. Ashley confronted Shen and told her she was not welcome at the party, and things went from zero to a hundred real quick as Ashley's sister Chris tries to intervene. In the height of all of the commotion, Shen threw a glass — it's unclear if she was aiming for Ashley or not — and it hit Chris, and that's when things got physical between Chris and Shen, with Shen's sons intervening.

Eventually, Shen and her sons ended up leaving and it seemed like the party would still go on, but when Bar finally arrived to the party, his brothers told him that Chris got physical with Shen and Bar immediatedly confronted Chris to defend his mom. Bar's brothers had to hold him back mulitple times as he tried to lunge for Chris, and Ashley made it seem like things were over between her and Bar because he tried to hit her own sister.

Ashley and Bar eventually worked through their issues, because they got back together and they were raising their daughter Holly together as a family. Less than two weeks ago, Ashley took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of her and her baby daddy. "Been down since before he had facial hair," she wrote in the caption — but Ashley deleted all Instagram pictures of her and Bar together, including their engagement announcement, after their recent split.

Meanwhile, fans pretty much predicted that Ashley and Bar's relationship would not last long. "I need someone to tell me that Bar and Ashley aren’t together anymore. She's crazy," one fan tweeted, while another wrote, "I’m sorry but I can’t figure out why Bar and Ashley are together."

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