Things just took a nasty turn. MTV's Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star Ashley Jones is still together with her baby daddy Bariki Smith despite the fact that she does not get along with his mother Shenandoah Williams. They feuded all season and things really boiled over between the ladies during the season finale when they got physical at Bar's birthday party. But now, Shen and Ashley reignited their feud on social media and Ashley did not hold back against her soon-to-be mother-in-law.

Shen seemed to start the drama by sharing a photo of her son with Ashley's sister, who had allegedly swung at Shen during a fight between Shen and Ashley at Bar's 21st birthday party. "So this how my son rocks right after she punched his momma. He hadn't [sic] even changed his clothes SMH now [you] know why I am walking away from him too. The whole family is," she wrote on Twitter, seemingly hinted that she will now be estranged from her son because he was still friendly with Ashley's sister.

It seemed like Shen continued to spread lies about Ashley too on social media, with Shen accusing Ashley of keeping her granddaughter Holly awway from her and Shen accused Ashley of using drugs. But Ashley had the receipts and she took to Instagram to share photos, screenshots, and a very long rant defending herself from those accusations.

"It’s crazy how you lie so much I’m surprised your eyes aren’t brown. You claim I keep you away from Holly, but isn’t that a picture of you in our house on our carpet [taken] [seven]-ish days ago ? You claim I’m a drug-abusing parent, that’s not what you say in the text messages," Ashley wrote. She claimed that Shen had tried to get people to fight Ashley for her with Holly present. "You bash me and your son all over social media and you want respect. You didn’t even call to tell the man Happy Father’s Day, but [you're on] Twitter with the drama.

Ashley said she's never tried to keep Holly from her grandmother, and she urged Shen to reach out to her personally instead of spreading their family's business on social media. "When you act like a grandmother and mother then I can give respect," she continued. "My number ain’t [sic] changed . Period . Say what you want but don’t speak on me as a mother."

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