Back on the market. Jazz Jennings admitted that she felt out of her element and was caught “off guard” by a date’s comments.

In a teaser clip for the Tuesday, February 7, episode of I Am Jazz shared by People, the TLC personality, 22, went on a double date with a man named Dayron, her brother, Sander Jennings, and his “lady friend.”

During the outing – which marked Jazz’s first date in four years – the group took private dance lessons. Dayron seemed to take a liking to the instructor, Maria, and encouraged Jazz to copy the dancer by doing a ​hair flip. However, the transgender activist admitted that she didn’t like her date putting her on the spot.

“I’m getting a little uncomfortable because Maria does her hair flip, and Dayron is kind of like ‘Jazz, you do it! You do it!'” she said during a confessional.

After Dayron tried to get Jazz to perform in the center of the dance floor, he told her that he didn’t understand why she was “nervous.” His remarks caused the reality star to start overthinking her actions and made her worry that she was “projecting negative emotions” on the date.

“Hearing Dayron say I seem nervous kind of takes me off guard,” she told the cameras. “Because now, I just feel uncomfortable.”

Following her split from Ahmir Steward in April 2019, Jazz seemingly took a break from dating. However, she is now motivated to put herself out there again.

While promoting season 8 of I Am Jazz, she told People that the new episodes will feature storylines about her “love life” and where she’s “going with that.”

Viewers will also get a glimpse into her struggles of dating as a transgender person.

“I wish people understood that dating as a trans person is really hard because transgender people are immediately judged and ostracized for who they are,” she told the outlet.

I Am Jazz’s Jazz Jennings Says She Feels 'Uncomfortable' And Was Caught 'Off Guard' by Date's Comments

The Florida native added that she wished people were more “empathetic and accepting and loving” when it comes to understanding what it is like for a trans person to date.

“I wish people could be like, ‘You know what? I don’t care that you’re transgender. You’re just a woman to me. You’re beautiful. And I see that in you,'” Jazz said. “One of the people that I date on the show, they express that, that they accept me for being a woman.”

I Am Jazz airs on TLC on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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