Mama June has been making headlines this year thanks to her drastic weight loss transformation — and now we know exactly how many pounds she actually lost.

Mama June, who currently stars in We TV’s Mama June: From Not to Hot started this journey at 460 pounds and now rocks a size 4, according to reports. She has also revealed during her Botched appearance that she dropped 150 pounds — and since then the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch has been rumored to have lost 300 pounds in total!

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“I just decided it was time for a change, to be more healthy and to do something for myself because I do so much for everybody else,” she previously revealed. “At first, people were saying, ‘You’re losing weight, you look great,’ and I just ran with it.”

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“I hope that somebody will realize that’s going through the same weight loss struggles that they’re not alone and realize it’s not all peaches and cream,” she then added. “I hope one person gets something out of it, that they realize the struggles are real. I’d tell people who are struggling with weight, just take it one day at a time. You can’t just give up because it seems like the easy way to go. Trust me, I wanted to give up several times through this journey.”

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The reality star also recently spoke about what she wants to happen next — and that includes landing herself a man!

“I have been doing a little bit dating. I do not want any more kids in the future, I already have four and that is enough,” she revealed. “I would like to get married maybe one day with the right one.”

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Mama June has also been open in the past about undergoing surgery to help her slim down.

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“The gastric sleeve is — I’ve not had any complications. I’d definitely recommend it,” she told the site. “Before you have any skin removal done, it is recommended you do have some kind of gastric, whether it’s the lap band or the gastric sleeve, but I’ve had no complications with any of my surgeries. I’ve actually had a pretty good recovery, the doctors are surprised I’ve not been in much pain and I’ve recovered very easily.”

We can’t wait to see her new body!

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