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We Took (and Failed) Honey Boo Boo’s Super NSFW Friend Quiz So You Don’t Have To

Remember the days of AIM profiles and the dumb stuff we’d put on AIM profiles?!

Well, it turns out today’s 11-year-olds are still doing all that nonsense — like listing their friends and creating quizzes for their friends to prove what good friends they are — only they no longer live on their AIM profiles, being that it’s 2017 and all. Instead, they share them on their social media profiles, where all of the world can see them!!!!!

We learned this lesson the hard way after coming across — and taking, then failing — Honey Boo Boo’s Friends Quiz.

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Our first reaction was to be a little disappointed with our score (20 percent — or an “F” according to the one and only Alana Thompson), but then we remembered that it’s called a “Friends” Quiz and not a “20-Something Strangers Who Live Thousands of Miles Away and Only Know Me From TV” Quiz.

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Our second reaction was to be seriously concerned because this whole thing is super not safe for work (unless you work at and, like, really rather troubling for a child.

We’re not going to tell Mama June and Sugar Bear how to parent their child… But this may be worth looking in to, peeps.

We’ve included some highlights below — but feel free to take it yourself, and please let us know if you can beat our unimpressive 20 percent!

honey boo boo quiz
honey boo boo quiz
honey boo boo quiz

For what it’s worth, we’d call a movie about your life, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: The Movie, but that’s just us…

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