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Here’s What Reality TV Advertisements Would Look Like If They Said What We Were Really Thinking

It's hard to believe reality TV has been a pop culture staple for almost 20 years now. That's, like, the age of a Kardashian (well, a Jenner, technically). But throughout these years where Survivor and The Bachelor dominated our screens, we've become a lot savvier when it comes to seeing through the tricks and manipulations that these types of shows serve, making us wish their slogans were, you know, honest.

For example, we know America's Next Top Model isn't really about finding the next supermodel. The reality is that it's a narcissistic platform for Tyra Banks to shill all her products and give the tackiest, cheapest weaves to her contestants. Remember season 21's "beard weave"? That's right, she actually glued a fake beard to a dude's face and paraded him around like he was the high fashion Abraham Lincoln.

And other reality shows are just as outrageous. From the cheesiness of Bachelor in Paradise to the fake, scripted drama of The Real Housewives, viewers are wising up to the reality of, well, reality TV. And so we came up with an idea. What if the advertisements for our favorite reality programs said what we were really thinking? For example, what if The Voice would just admit they don't actually care about finding singers and care more about cutesy judge banter, or that Catfish is essentially useless in 2017?

Below, we created some slogans for some of our favorite reality shows that are refreshingly honest. Because hey, we're too old to keep pretending Dance Moms isn't borderline child abuse. Check out the gallery below to view them all.

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