Marty Raney has traveled across the United States helping people live off the grid through his hit show Homestead Rescue, but don't be fooled — it may not be as real as you think. Despite "reality" being its genre, many fans aren't so convinced that none of it is scripted, but Marty insists it's the real deal.

In an interview with FOX News in July, Marty said, "The America that I'm seeing is rural; the America that I'm seeing is farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, and those to choose to live off-the-grid, and when you think about it was that collective, that demographic, that built America, hands down, and they did it with hand tools." He added, "It's been a long ride. There's been a lot of danger involved, a lot of high-risk that people will never know. Grown men cry on this show virtually every episode," he said of Season 2, "and that includes me."

According to TVOvermind, though, the answer to the question about whether or not Homestead Rescue is real depends on who you talk to. Some of the people featured on the show clearly have no experience living off the grid, which has many questioning whether they had been placed in these situations by the show's producers.

One couple, in particular, Kim and Josh — who appeared on the show — were not happy about the way they were portrayed. Since their episode aired, they've spoken out in videos and comments posted on social media, claiming that they were approached by the production company who told them that they were looking for successful homesteads, which is not what the show is about. The couple also claimed that they run a very successful farm as part of their homestead, but this was not shown at all when the episode aired.

So, there you have it. And people wonder why we have trust issues…

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