We’re not sure what happens between our bathroom mirror and going out, but somehow our makeup always looks dramatically different after a few hours.

Has that ever happened to you?

You give yourself lots of time to get ready, you put your best face on, you’re feeling yourself. Then you look at yourself in the restaurant bathroom mirror and discover (ah!) your eyeliner is a mess, your foundation is a totally different color than your neck, and your concealer has caked into the lines around your mouth and eyes.

What gives?

Makeup has been around forever, so why are we still dealing with formulas that can’t stick around through dinner, let alone a full day of wear? It’s 2022. Shouldn’t makeup just work?

We talk about our gripes with the cosmetic industry a lot, but we rarely get to actually share a positive solution. That’s right — we’re here to talk about HIDE.

HIDE is a much-hyped online cosmetics company that has totally revolutionized foundation and concealer.

It’s like the brand considered everything that could go wrong in base makeup and designed a formula specifically intended to do the opposite. In short, it’s our new go-to brand for foundation and concealer.

Keep reading to learn more about why so many people are in love with HIDE, then try out one of their 20+ shades for yourself.

Why So Many People Are Raving About HIDE

Everyone’s skin is different. The textures and tones of someone’s face can dramatically range from person to person.

Still, HIDE has found fans of all skin types and temperaments. People with cystic acne love that the brand’s concealer is full coverage, evening out discoloration and reducing the appearance of redness. People with clear, dry skin appreciate that the foundation is hydrating and buildable without feeling like paint. The list goes on and on (and on).

If you know makeup brands, you know how special it is when so many people with so many different skin concerns rally behind one product. HIDE has cracked the code.

HIDE: Flawless Coverage That Lasts Over 12 Hours
Photo Credit: HIDE

This Brand Is Everywhere

We discovered HIDE on Instagram, where so many people were obsessing over their full-coverage concealer. We couldn’t resist giving it a try ourselves.

After just a few uses, we became just one of many fans praising HIDE’s concealers and foundations. When we say one of many, we mean it. Their comments section and reviews are stacked with positive experiences:

  • “It literally HIDES any little redness or slight pumps you want to blend! Flawless coverage!” – Sofia
  • “Love, love, love it! I’ve used plenty of different brands of concealers and foundations and nothing does a better job then Hide. I have acne scars on my chin and you can’t even tell.
  • “Definitely recommend this product.” – Vanessa
  • “This is a great concealer!! Super lightweight, but gives tons of coverage. I have dryer skin, and it left me looking moisturized. That is everything! It also lasted great all day. No movement or separation.” – Brittany

HIDE has more than 700 five-star reviews from women all over the country obsessing over how well their Dream Duo covers up their so-called imperfections and brings out their natural beauty.

This Formula Really Works

What sets HIDE apart is its formula.

We’ve never seen a concealer so effectively hide unwanted marks. HIDE’s concealer even covers tattoos! Imagine what it could do for a blemish or scar.

While their concealer essentially acts as a spot treatment, their foundation evens out your overall tone and highlights your natural features. That’s what makes HIDE’s two-product offering so special. They call it the Dream Duo for a reason.

HIDE’s foundation is a medium-coverage formula that feels lighter and slightly more watery than other foundations you might be used to. What that means is that you can layer it on as much as you want without feeling like you’re caking foundation onto your face.

The texture never feels like makeup. If you drag a finger across your cheek while wearing HIDE, all you’ll feel is skin! Compare that to most other base cosmetics and you’ll know that this brand has something really special on its hands.

Learn more about HIDE’s unique formula for their foundation and concealer here.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s vegan and cruelty-free? There’s so much to love about HIDE.

How HIDE Perfected All-Day Wear

Now, any brand can claim to have perfected skin-matching color and full-coverage products, but makeup that only works in your bathroom doesn’t really work.

We need products that stay on and stay put. On that front, HIDE is our favorite product of the moment (and possibly ever).

This Stuff Stays Put

HIDE’s foundations and concealers guaranteed up to twelve hours of wear. That means the makeup you put on in the morning before work could take you all the way through dinner and a night out without so much as a touch-up.

We’re seriously impressed by how HIDE has dealt with so many issues that other foundation and concealer brands face.

  • No smudging: Nothing messes up our makeup like a little bit of sweat. We don’t know about you, but sweat is pretty much a guarantee for us (and it’s not exactly something we can control, especially in the summer months). HIDE’s foundation and concealer formulas are totally sweat resistant. No smudging, no dripping — just the coverage of your dreams.
  • No cakiness: We like wearing makeup, but we don’t necessarily want people to be hyper-aware of our makeup. Instead, we want our natural features to shine through, thanks to the products we choose. HIDE’s foundations and concealers help you say goodbye to cakiness forever and highlight what makes you unique.
  • No settling: As we get older, our skin is more prone to lines and wrinkles. It’s the sign of a life well-lived! Wrinkles just mean we laugh and express our joy for everyone to see. That said, it’s not so cute when our makeup products settle into these lines. Guess what? HIDE doesn’t. It stays put.

If a makeup brand solved just one of these problems we’d love it, but HIDE gets the ultimate gold star for solving all three.

It Moisturizes and Hydrates Your Skin

So many of the reviews for HIDE’s foundations and concealers include words like “glowing,” “hydrated,” and “smooth.”

That’s because HIDE’s products are made using a blend of water and rich emollients specifically designed to hydrate the skin. Our face — forgive the pun — faces so much damage throughout the day. Dry air, sun irritation… you name it. That’s why we love products that truly consider our skin’s health and don’t just try to paint over it.

HIDE’s formula leaves you dewy and fresh-faced without being oily or greasy.

You’ll Forget You Have Anything On

Perhaps most importantly, after a few hours with a full-face of HIDE products, you’ll forget you’re even wearing makeup.

At least, that’s been our experience. Their products feel like skin and are so lightweight that we just feel like ourselves. We’re not worried about keeping our hands away from our faces or going into the bathroom for touch-ups. We can just enjoy ourselves.

Cosmetics are supposed to make life a little easier, not harder, right? They’re supposed to let us express ourselves and feel totally confident. They’re supposed to let our natural beauty shine through.

HIDE’s formulas go above and beyond. They help us conceal our insecurities, bring out our favorite qualities, and forget we’re even wearing foundation and concealer. To us, that’s the mark of a truly outstanding formula.

There’s a Shade for Everyone

Like we said, HIDE considered so many common problems when designing their foundations and concealers. That includes how much of a pain it can be to find a product that matches your natural skin tone.

Their products come in twenty colors, so you can find the exact shade you need. Their website includes helpful pointers to help you figure out your undertone and skin quality. We think it’s a good idea to get a foundation in your natural skin tone and a concealer in a shade lighter to bring out your natural bone structure and contour, but it’s totally up to you.

You can discover your perfect match for their foundations and concealers using HIDE’s shade quiz today. It’s never been easier to buy cosmetics online, thanks to HIDE.

Our Last Thoughts on HIDE’s Flawless Coverage

Okay, are we fangirling over HIDE’s foundations and concealers? Yes, and we’re proud of it.

We love when people tell us about a brand they discovered and fell in love with, and we don’t gatekeep our beauty secrets. HIDE’s foundations and concealers have perfected all-day wear. Their lightweight and buildable formulas conceal everything you don’t want to show and bring out everything you do. They bring out your skin’s natural beauty and stay on, twelve hours later.

Ready to give HIDE a try? Check out their online shop, read all their positive customer reviews, and get ready to be amazed by what HIDE can do for your skin.

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