Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, may be stateside, but the duke believes that his wife “should take over as queen” of Great Britain, royal biographer Angelina Levin claimed in a candid conversation with Uncancelled’s Dan Wooton

“[Harry] thinks that it was very bad that Meghan wasn’t questioned about what should be done to make the royal family up to date,” Angela said in the interview published on Monday, April 8, about the dynamic Harry and Meghan shared with the firm before they moved to California. “And [Meghan] said herself that she felt that they should have asked her what should be done rather than Kate because she is a self-made woman and she’s got much more experience.” 

It would be a historical scenario to allow for Harry and Meghan’s reign. Prince William, the direct heir to the British throne, would have to remove himself from the line of succession, as would his three children. Only then would Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42, be able to step in, ensuring a Sussex-led monarchy. 

Angela – who spent 15 months with Harry while writing her best-selling biography Harry: Conversations with the Prince – further commented on the relationship the prince and Meghan shared with late Queen Elizabeth II, who went to great lengths to guarantee the couple’s comfort within the royal family. 

“The queen did everything possible. She gave them top aides to help her and she did say that Meghan could carry on acting if she wanted,” Angela revealed. “The more you think about it in retrospect, the more you see that, whatever happened, [Meghan] wasn’t going to stay there. She was going to take Harry away because she got what she wanted: A title and lots of money. But he hasn’t got as much money as she wanted, she’s a bit upset about that. She thought it would be more.”

She continued, “[Harry] was loved. Meghan was admired when she first came. But it was all a plot. They want to bring down the royal family and get rid of the press. No more newspapers. That’s his thing that he wants to do forever to get control of it.”

Harry’s complex relationship with the print media, paparazzi and now social media is well-documented, as the prince has gone to great lengths to secure his and Meghan’s privacy. He was part of a lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspaper over alleged phone-hacking in 2023, coming out victorious against the media company. He’s also sued News Group Newspapers and Associated Newspapers over a number of grievances, including libel and the printing of a private letter between Meghan and her father, Thomas Markle. Now, as Angela claims, such actions were part of a larger alleged plot. 

Complicating the muddied royal waters – namely the future of the throne and who will sit on it – is Princess Kate Middleton’s ongoing cancer battle. After revealing her diagnosis in March, the Princess of Wales, 42, has remained behind closed doors, adding fuel to the already-ignited fire about the monarchy’s stability. William, 41, is “furious” at the status of things as well as with his brother, who he believes is making matters worse, Angela claimed. 

“There you have their priorities. Harry wasn’t on the list. If you are unwell the last thing you want is somebody who’s going to start telling you how they want you to behave,” Angela said of the tense dynamic shared between the Waleses and the Sussexes. “Quite rightly William is absolutely furious about the comments that Harry made about his wife, insinuating that she didn’t have a big personality, that she did what she was told, she was deeply boring and that she was lazy.” 

She continued, “The other thing is, of course, they can’t trust Harry because he’s taken sentences and sold them to journalists to make another documentary. He’s not having that. Harry’s been very rude about William – you can’t take it.” 

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