Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars Hannah Gosselin and brother Colin Gosselin are “very hurt” after their mom, Kate Gosselin, allegedly “took” money from their trust fund bank account, a source exclusively tells In Touch. 

“The kids in Jon’s custody, Hannah and Collin, are aware of what’s gone on,” the insider says, adding, “They feel terrible about it.” 

The source also claims that the siblings, “expected to get some money in their bank accounts, and it had been drained. She took it from all the kids. These kids deserve better.”

“The kids worked very hard throughout their life,” the insider continues. “They didn’t choose to go on the show; that was the life that was chosen for them.”

Their father, Jon Gosselin, had filed a complaint on March 22, 2018, against his ex-wife, 47, in which he alleged that she “stole” more than $100,000 from their children’s trust fund, a separate source told In Touch on August 18. The former spouses previously created a trust account for all of their eight kids: twins Madelyn and Cara, both 21, and 18-year-old sextuplets Aedan, Collin, Joel, Alexis, Hannah and Leah. The intention behind the account was to keep their earnings from TV appearances and social events safe for the kids until they turned 18. 

However, Jon, 45, claimed in his filing that he noticed a sum of over $100,000 missing from the account when he gained custody of Hannah and Collin in 2018. 

Jon Gosselin Claims Ex-Wife Kate ‘Alienated’ Him From Their Kids: ‘Poor Parenting Decision’
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In the documents, Kate reportedly acknowledged that she withdrew $50,000 from the children’s trust two times. However, she claimed she just “borrowed” the money to “survive,” adding that it was necessary to “meet her and the children’s expenses.” That year, though, the former Kate Plus 8 star purchased a $750,000 lakeside home in North Carolina. 

She also admitted in her testimony that she had borrowed money from a corporation that she jointly owned with her kids to furnish her new home, claiming that she did not earn any income in 2019.  

In the documents, Kate reportedly explained that she had spent thousands of dollars on all of her children’s education out of her own pocket. 

“I mean, I paid $387,000 for their private school tuition out of our income, not the trust over the years,” she reportedly claimed. “So, I mean, I’m not looking to collect that, but I borrowed $100,000 from the kids’ trust. And it owes me $387,000 technically.”

Nevertheless, the judge ruled in favor of Jon in 2021, reportedly citing that there was “no evidence of repayment” on Kate’s part or that she did not earn any income that year. She was then reportedly found to be in contempt of court and was ordered to pay $1,500 in attorney’s fees to her former husband in the case. In 2019, Kate filed a counterclaim had committed an error about her lack of income, but the case was dismissed in November of that year. 

A rep for Jon confirmed In Touch’s sourcing. Kate’s lawyer declined to comment when reached by In Touch.  

Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aedan still live with their mother, whereas Hannah and Collin now live with their father. Cara and Mady are away attending college but return to Kate’s home in North Carolina often. 

“The children living in her house right now, I don’t think for a minute will go after her because they’re in fear of her,” the first source tells In Touch. “I don’t think for one minute Kate is going to pay the kids back.”

The insider adds, “Kate lives large. She now lives in North Carolina in a big house with a swimming pool and she used the money to purchase a home and decorate her home.” 

When it comes to Jon and Kate’s coparenting relationship, the source says they “don’t communicate at all.”

The only way they do talk is “through their attorneys,” the source says, adding that it’s “been that way for years.” “The only time they ever see each other is in court,” the insider adds.

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