Sometimes you need a certain hair style to sell a Halloween costume, but you’re not willing to dye trying to get the look. That lands you firmly in Wigland, and although it’s fun to slip into a different persona, you’re kind of left over with a full head of hair you don’t need. But if you shop smart, you can repurpose your wig for a few different looks. Whether you want to be a black-haired Amazonian like Wonder Woman, channel weave-loving Princess of Petty Blac Chyna, or be, uh, pretty much any Kardashian, we’ve got you covered on which wig can work best.

1. Long Black Straight Wig Ideas — $19.99

black straight long wig

The perfect silky smooth wig if you’re dying to be Kim this year…buuuuut it also works well if you’ve been regulated to Kourtney for your Kardashian group costume. It also works if you want to be Halloween Queen Morticia Addams or need to represent the “Cher” half of “Sonny & Cher” (although we could see this looking good for any sort of bohemian babe).


2. Bleach Blonde Wig With Bangs Ideas — $20.99

bleach blonde bangs wig

Blac Chyna goes hard when it comes to wigs, and there’s no shortage of iconic looks in her collection (ahem, “Legal Action” wig). But we think the classic platinum banged look works best for your Chyna costume. Take off your fake double cheek piercings if you want to go as Chyna’s doppelganger—or is it the other way around?—Nicki Minaj. Or take a cue from one of Nicki’s most famous alter-egos and doll up as Barbie.


3. Red Halloween Wig Ideas — $10.29

red bombshell wig

Red hair: in animation, it’s a hard signifier as a regulation hottie. In reality…eh, let’s just say most of us can’t pull that hue off 24/7. If you buy this wig, though, you can be all the best scarlet-haired sirens, from mermaid princess Ariel, to bada– babe Poison Ivy, to cartoon chanteuse Jessica Rabbit.


4. Black Wavy Wig Ideas — $16.99

black wavy wig

This could easily work as a natural looking Wonder Woman wig (some of them get a little crazy with the bouffant) or at least a very natural, almost weave-less version of Kylie Jenner if you brush it out a bit. And if you curl it up? You’d have a very throwback-y Katy Perry, before she stole Miley Cyrus‘ old shave.


5. Honey Blonde Ombre Wig Ideas — $15.99

honey blonde ombre wig

If you’re willing to pump up the volume a bit, we think this would be a solid option for your Beyoncé costume this year. Wind machine not included. It’s also a good way to distinguish yourself as our favorite Kardashian, Khloé, or you can get extra basic as Lauren Conrad.


6. Blonde Halloween Wig With Pigtails Ideas — $15.99

blonde pigtail wig

Maybe you can get a more specific Harley Quinn wig or a Baby Spice wig…we still think finding a Helga Pataki wig IRL would not look this flattering. In any case, this blonde pigtailed look gives you some options when it comes to styling, so accesorize with black and red spray or a big bow as needed.


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