It can be hard to get a present for your significant other during the holiday season, and for Gwen Stefani, she seems to be struggling with what to get her beau, Blake Shelton. She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and admitted that the country singer “has everything!”

“It’s so hard. I feel like we both were like, sitting there going, ‘Promise me you’re not going to get me anything. Let’s just not get gifts this time,’” the “Hollaback Girl” confessed. Unfortunately, Gwen owes Blake a present since he snuck behind her back and got her a jacket she had been eyeing.

“The other day, I was ordering a bunch of stuff on Black Friday, like the sales and he helps because he’s my best friend. I am like, ‘Do you like this jacket? I am going to get it, no it’s too expensive, I am going to get it.’ But then I got it. So he saw it and snuck bought it behind my back, but then when it came and I had it, he was like, ‘I got you that! That was your Christmas present!’ So now I have two of them,” the singer explained. A for effort, Blake!

Blake Shelton wearing a black suit, Gwen wearing a different colored dress
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Gwen had an epiphany and figured out something to get her man, however, her idea didn’t go according to plan. “He needs one of those blowers, like the air blowers that you blow the leaves. I was so excited. I went to the Home Depot website and I was sending the actual link to my assistant to say, ‘Which one is the best one?’” she revealed. “I sent it to this group text with all of our friends on it by accident. So he wrote back and said, ‘Yeah, that’s the perfect gift!’ I blew it with the leaf blower! He confessed that he had actually bought one a week ago already.”

LOL, this story is too funny. It doesn’t sound like you guys even need gifts, anyways. So, why not just call it even?

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