Sofía Vergara couldn’t believe what she was hearing when Kelly Clarkson claimed that her transformation into Griselda Blanco for Netflix’s Griselda was “slight.” The Modern Family alum snapped at the talk show host to “shut up” as she explained what really went into becoming the Colombian drug lord.

“I feel like they only changed your nose or something,” Kelly, 41, told Sofía, 51, on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Wednesday, January 24.

Sofía’s eyes widened as she quickly interjected, “What?! Are you crazy?!”

The American Idol alum attempted to explain herself by saying that “whatever they did” to turn Sofía into Miami’s “Cocaine Godmother” for the Netflix drama was so “slight” that it looked natural. However, the Emmy-nominated actress assured Kelly there was nothing “slight” about the process.

“No Kelly, it was hours. Don’t be jealous! It was a wig!” Sofía kept interjecting before she playfully told the talk show host to “shut up.” Kelly doubled over in laughter and clapped at Sofía’s reaction.

“It was a lot! They did a lot to me,” Sofía shouted at Kelly. “It was teeth, it was wig, it was nose. Plastic from here to here!”

Thankfully, Sofía and Kelly were able to reach an agreement as Kelly told her guest the makeup team did “such a good job” that it looked “seamless” and like she was a completely different person.

“See? That s–t looks real, right?” Sofía asked. “I know. That’s exactly what I wanted, that reaction. And I love that you thought that it was just a little thing because that means it’s natural.”

Sofía serves as executive producer and plays the titular character in Griselda, a biographical crime drama that tells the story of the late Colombian businesswoman Griselda Blanco’s lucrative drug cartel. She was a prominent figure in the cocaine-based drug trade in Miami from the 1970s to early 2000s. Many believed that Blanco was also part of the Medellín Cartel, a powerful drug cartel and terrorist organization in Medellín, Colombia, led by Pablo Escobar.

Blanco was arrested by the DEA in 1985 and charged with conspiring to manufacture, import, and distribute cocaine. She was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison. She then pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree murder in 1988 and was sentenced to another 20 years in prison. However, due to health issues, Blanco was granted compassionate release and deported to Medellín in 2004. She was assassinated in Medellín in 2012 at 69 years old.

Netflix and Sofía have come into some legal trouble amid Griselda’s release. On January 19, TMZ reported that Blanco’s adult children filed a lawsuit against the streaming service over the allegedly unauthorized use of their family’s image and likeness.

In response to the lawsuit, Griselda creator Eric Newman told Entertainment Tonight, “It’s not my first rodeo. The Escobar family made similar claims [for the TV series Narcos]. We had a very specific story we wanted to tell. I believe we told it, and I don’t think it in any way prevents someone else from telling their own version of it.”

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