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Grandma Mary Is the Kris Jenner of the Duggars’ Brand, and We Have a Few Theories Why

While watching 19 Kids and Counting or Counting On, you've probably seen Mary "Grandma" Duggar. She's normally in the background hauling laundry baskets around, sweeping the floors, or babysitting her dozens of grandchildren. In fact, for years fans have felt a little sorry for her. After the passing of her husband, Jim Lee Duggar, Mary moved into the Duggar compound full time. Her room was a tiny guest suite right off the laundry room where she dutifully did load after load of laundry for her 20+ member family.

Although Mary no longer lives in the house now and has moved into a cabin on the Duggars' acreage, the general assumption about Grandma Duggar is that she's some poor old lady being taken advantage of by her son and his wife, aka Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. But how true is that? Sure, Mary does a lot of housework and is always babysitting the little ones, but behind the scenes the woman is a clever businesswoman who is, perhaps, responsible for the Duggars' rise to fame. Is it possible she's the Duggar's Kris Jenner? Below, a few theories for why we think this may be true.

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