Another award show, another batch of problems!

One of the best things about award show season is seeing how stars behave when they’re live on TV — needless to say, there are often problems when this happens and this year’s Golden Globes were no exception!

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Whether it was on the red carpet, or teleprompter troubles, this year’s stars did not escape scot-free!

Check out the biggest snafus of this year’s Golden Globes!

Jenna Bush Hager’s ‘Hidden Fences’ Flub

Today’s Jenna Bush Hager had the show’s first embarrassing moment when she accidentally asked Pharrell about his work on “Hidden Fences.” Which is kind and everything…except he worked on the film Hidden Figures; many considered the mistake extra insulting — considering both Hidden Figures and Fences are films with largely black casts.

She teared up when she apologized this morning on Today, “I had an error in the night, which I have to apologize for. When I was interviewing the incomparable Pharrell, who I adore, I accidentally — in the electricity of the red carpet, which I’ve never done one before — called Hidden Figures, Hidden Fences. I have seen both movies, thought they were both brilliant. I’ve interviewed casts for both of the movies, and if I offended people I am deeply sorry.”

Michael Keaton’s ‘Hidden Fences’ Flub

In case it wasn’t bad enough that one person made this mistake — another person made the same mistake!

While presenting the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, Motion Picture, the actor said, “Octavia Spencer, Hidden Fences.”


John Legend’s Typo

John Legend’s last name is a word. Like, a literal word that can be found in dictionaries and spell check and stuff. But that didn’t stop the Hollywood Foreign Press Association from printing a seating card for “John Ledgend.”

We don’t know who you are, John Ledgend. But we sure hope you find your Chrissy Teitgen out there (because we’re keeping the real Chrissy Teigen for ourselves).

Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue Mess Up!

When Jimmy Fallon first came out and complained of a technical glitch and a problematic teleprompter, many thought it was a bit — except, ya know, it was totally real!

He totally redeemed himself later in the show when he managed to poke fun at Mariah Carey’s recent “technical difficulty” when he said, “[Mariah] thinks Dick Clark Productions sabotaged my monologue.”

Nice save, Jim!

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