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The holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time to make some decisions on gifts for family members and loved ones if you haven’t already decided. Dads in particular can be hard to shop for. Chances are he has a long list of hobbies and interests that he indulges himself in all year round. So what do the men who buy everything for themselves need this season? This question has different answers depending on the person, but this guide will hopefully give some inspiration to anyone looking for gifts that will show your dad that you really care about them this holiday season. 

Gift buying can be stressful, but a little research and inspiration can get ideas flowing in no time. Depending on your dad’s interests, some of these ideas may be perfect and others might not hit the mark, but it’s sure to at least get the ideas flowing so you can come closer to your decision of what to get your dad this holiday season. Keep reading for some inspiration this gift giving season! 

Seasonal Necessities 

Seasonal Necessities

One of the best avenues to go down for dad gifts is practical items for inclement weather. Ponchos, rain umbrellas by Everlasting Comfort, snow shoes, and shovels are a place to start for these kinds of gifts. Dads love being in the know and tackling a hands on task, and winter is the perfect time to indulge him! Winter means rain, snow, and icy conditions that can be dangerous without the proper equipment. 

Consider looking into some seasonal tools that your dad can use this winter season. Nothing says you care better than helping your family prepare for one of the more challenging seasons, especially if he lives in a northern area that gets more intense winter weather than other parts of the country. 

Sports Tickets 

Sports Tickets
Everlasting Comfort

Another thing that many dads might be seeking out this year are sports tickets for current or future seasons. Not all sports are hard to get tickets for, but many of the big ones are. Especially when it comes to winter sports like football or hockey. Whether you’re looking for hockey, football, baseball, or UFC tickets from TickPick, this is a great gift to show your dad that you value his interests and care that he gets a chance to go experience the events in person. Sports tickets can be difficult to come by depending on the sport, but this ticket source has all of the best options for sports this season and in coming seasons. 

Long Sleeve Shirts 

Long Sleeve Shirts (1)

If your dad is someone who appreciates looking good and having good style, then some winter appropriate layers might be a great gift idea! A long sleeve henley by Public Rec is a stylish but simple garment that works great for layering underneath an overshirt, vest, or jacket. A lot of dads might not care so much what they look like, and that’s why it’s a good idea to sneak in a few stylish gifts they can wear to sneakily elevate their look. Check out all of the options that they have to offer, there is sure to be something that fits your dad’s style. 

Gifts for Service Members 

Anyone who has served in the military probably likes to show their pride for their service with merch. A navy hat from USAMM accomplishes exactly that for those who have served in the navy. Their hats are customizable to represent vessels and specific infantries and there is plenty of merchandise available for other branches of the military as well. Whatever sector your dad may have served in, you can find something that will help them show their pride. This is a gift that will make a veteran feel very cared for this winter season. 

Power Tools 

Dads love home projects. And what do you need for home projects? Power tools! For those that don’t know, power tools are electric tools that make construction jobs a lot easier. Drills from Festool are high quality modern tools that will not only last a long time but are easier to store and have a slick design that will surely make other dads jealous this holiday season. Whatever project he may be embarking on this season, Festool is likely to have something perfect that will make the project go much smoother. And if you’re unsure what to look for, you can always place a sneaky question to him to get an answer. Or just ask what tools he’s been wanting! 

Framed Pictures 

For a heartfelt gift to any dad this year, consider some frames from West Elm to frame pictures of your family together. Holiday gift giving doesn’t always have to be about getting expensive gifts for people, sometimes a relatively simple gift is the best thing you can give. This will help fortify and solidify those memories and show your dad that you care about the time you spend together. And pictures do look a lot better in a nice frame rather than just stored on our phones. Find your favorite shots of your family and pick out a couple of them to frame as a gift this year, your dad will be over the moon to receive something so thoughtful. 


Holiday gift giving is a wonderfully practiced tradition in a number of cultures, and it’s one of the most exciting parts of the season. At the same time, it’s easy to get bogged down in the consumerism of it all and feel stressed that you need to spend a lot of money or make grand gestures to your loved ones. But the best gifts come from the heart, and all any dad wants during the holidays is the love of their families. So get something simple, but something that shows you care about who your dad is, not just what he wants for the holidays.

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