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One of the most common problems that we often hear nowadays is how people end up draining their accounts of good, high-quality CBD products, and expecting the therapeutic effects to kick in within a few minutes. They then end up feeling nothing.

What exactly happened? Were you taken for a ride and scammed off of your hard-earned money?


If you are in the US, then the unregulated market may be finding ways to bite down on you. There has been a startling statistic discovered- close to 70% of all the online CBD products that are sold are in fact mis-labelled in terms of the amount of CBD that is present in the bottle.


However, before you go searching for the company’s office and raining thunder and fire, take a moment to understand what you need to do beforehand:

Tips To Increase The Effects Of CBD

·       Read The Label

This one might sound duh, but do take the minute to read the labeling and directions ‘carefully’, and not just glance over it. Read the dosage instructions on the bottle before you consume your CBD.

This cannot be any truer if you are consuming CBD orally or sublingually. Instruction on how long to hold it under your tongue, all go a long way in determining the efficacy of the CBD.

·       Go For Full-Spectrum

An important tip to maximize the effects of CBD as many of the experts agree is to go for full-spectrum CBD products. These are a much better option than CBD isolates and come with a host of therapeutic effects that might fly under the radar if you choose to go pure.

·       Combine It With Melatonin

Melatonin is one of the hormones secreted by the body’s pineal gland and is one of the things responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle. There are several reputable and established CBD companies that have started to incorporate melatonin in their products. If you are trying to find a remedy for a particular problem, then it would be worth your time to find specific types or strains of hemp.

·       Increase The Potency

One way to have more, with less is to increase the potency. It is a better option if the dosage you are taking is not able to adequately treat your ailments. Rather than increasing the dosage to hit the roof, you can simply try using CBD products that have higher potency- you needn’t go for high dosages that way, and will save on the frequent purchases every month.


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