My 600-Lb. Life brings drastic weight loss transformations on screen and season 11 told the story of family members Geno Dacunto and Nico Dacunto. While the culinary school graduate and his cousin both made major progress in their health journeys, where are the TLC stars today? Keep reading to get an update on Geno and Nico Dacunto in 2023.

How Much Did ‘My 600-Lb Life’ Stars Geno and Nico Initially Weight?

Geno started his weight loss transformation at 684 pounds. The reality TV newbie detailed his weight had been a problem all his life, as he weighed over 300 pounds by the age of 13. His mother believed he had a food addiction, and also thought genetics played a major role as she had undergone a gastric bypass surgery at 36 years old. 

“Walking up the stairs feels like I’m carrying cement bags under me and I’m trying to lift them all up the stairs,” the Connecticut native said during a February 2023 episode. “Plus, I cannot fit in most places. So, taking a shower sucks at my size.” 

Upon meeting with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in Houston, he learned that he needed to lose 60 pounds over the next few months to potentially be considered for surgery. 

Meanwhile, his cousin, Nico, who accompanied Geno on his trip to the doctor’s office, also decided to embark on his own health journey as one “last hurrah” approach. 

“I’m excited that Nico’s gonna be with me, so we can do this together,” Geno told producers in a later scene. “Me and Nico have been working hard to make more progress.” The pair worked together as they stuck with their diet and started a “family tradition” of going to the gym together.

Geno and Nico From My 600 Lb Life Today Weight Loss Update

After losing more than 163 pounds, Geno was approved and successfully underwent a gastric bypass. Nico was also eventually approved for surgery after losing 30 pounds to qualify. 

Where Are ‘My 600-Lb’ Life Stars Geno and Nico In 2023?

Despite major struggles on their respective weight loss journeys, Geno lost 263 pounds and Nico lost 129 pounds during their time on the show.

Gino and Nico are also still in relationships with the women they were dating on the show. According to their unverified Facebook pages, Geno is dating Jessica De’Loughery and Nico is now engaged to Rose Degen as of January 2023.

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