Is 11-year-old Sophia Abraham too young to have a nightly skincare routine? Farrah Abraham was slammed by her followers on Instagram after she shared a beauty regimen with her preteen daughter on Thursday, August 13. Haters claimed the Teen Mom OG alum’s multi-step system was too grown up for a child.

“Sophia is a kid,” one commenter wrote. “[There is] absolutely no reason to be doing this nightly.” Another chimed in, “Really? She is a kid. Why [are] you trying to make her grow up so fast? Don’t you have friends your age?” A third Instagram user added, “Why is Sophia doing all that? She’s a child. Let her be a child. [From] what I can see, she’s not having a childhood, she’s living adulthood already. I [have] a 5-year-old, and I’m letting him do what children are supposed to do at his age.”

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham at Beauty Event

Recently, Farrah, 29, has taken heat over her parenting decisions, especially when it comes to her daughter’s glam routine. After Sophia showed off long, fake nails in a recent TikTok, fans claimed the manicure was inappropriate for a kid her age. However, Farrah doesn’t agree that 11 is too young to take an interest in the beauty industry.

“Allowing Sophia to be creative in her art and discovery of beauty is nothing to be ashamed of,” she exclusively told In Touch in early August. After the MTV alum had a “near-death experience” thanks to a “scary foot breakout,” she decided that both she and her child needed to learn about “nail health and safety.” The Teen Mom preteen first had her long nails designed in Singapore a year and a half ago, and the mom stands by that decision. “I’m happy Sophia will be prepared and educated about nail wellness,” she said.

Regardless, that hasn’t stopped fans from accusing Farrah of acting like she and Sophia are friends instead of mother and daughter. Fans have accused the former Teen Mom OG star of not letting her daughter hang out with friends her own age — or not having any of her own friends to hang out with instead of Sophia. But Farrah wasn’t bothered by the call out. She simply clapped back at those comments when she saw one on August 10. She insisted her previous photos and videos show that Sophia “clearly” has her own pals, but posts about them may be few and far between considering the current circumstances. “A pandemic is going on!” she reminded commenters. “Wow.”

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