No time for drama!

Unless of course, this Teen Mom OG star is the one causing it. Farrah Abraham lashed out at her ex-boyfriend Simon Saran while he was taking and answering questions from fans, accusing him of still hitting her up and even posting their personal text messages to Twitter.

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The drama started when Simon, 29, began answering questions from fans on the social media site. When one fan wrote, “Hopefully [Farrah] will realize that you are the best person for her. Do you think she will ever realize it?” Simon responded by saying the 26-year-old mom to Sophia was “trying to get him back.”

farrah abraham simon saran splash

Farrah and Simon began their on-again, off-again relationship in 2015.

“She already has, trying to get me back but I think it’s better if we have space,” he answered the fan.

Things got heated when Farrah stepped in to the Twitter conversation, blasting his accusations of her being the one trying to mend their relationship.

“Simon you wanna lie this is you just texting me get a life — no one wants your nasty low life style your hateful, user, fame whore,” she clapped back.

In the text conversation — which offers no proof of either party trying to get each other back, only that they’ve been fighting via iMessage — Simon sends his ex-fiancée a photo of his alleged brand new Range Rover. Farrah responds by saying she hopes her commission helped him afford it.

Yikes — sounds like it’s going to take way more than a $90,000 car to win over Farrah’s affections or approval!

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Fans of the MTV series have watched Farrah and Simon’s complicated relationship go back and forth for years now. At one point, the semi-dysfunctional couple was even engaged but the betrothal was short-lived, eventually ending in turmoil as Farrah accused Simon of making her pay for the $64,000 engagement ring and then never giving it to her.

farrah abraham simon saran kissing

Farrah and Simon shared a smooch on the red carpet back in 2016.

“[The ring] turned out not being as nice as I thought it was,” Abraham has said. “It’s was $64,000 initially, though he got it down to $36,000 and I thought I was going to be paid back. But we’re not dating anymore and I don’t really care.”

As for this complex couple, who knows if they’ll be getting back together? For now, it seems, space might be the best solution.

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