In her upcoming book, Debra Danielsen is spilling the tea about her life — and revealed that even a cancer scare wasn’t enough to strengthen her relationship with daughter Farrah Abraham. In her upcoming memoir, Vapor: A True Story of How I Fell Victim to Catfishing, the Teen Mom OG star details how she underwent life-saving surgery without the support of her family.

“A few days after we buried my father, I went in for a life-saving operation,” she wrote of her colon cancer diagnosis in an excerpt obtained by Radar Online. “The surgeon removed 13.5 feet of intestine to ensure that the 4-centimeter polyp was going to cause no further problems.”

She went on to detail how her boyfriend, now husband, David Merz, was the only one by her side during the grueling period. “None of my family members came to the hospital to be with me,” she added. “It was very scary, lonely and hurtful. I had gone from being very athletic to not walking at all as a result of this colon surgery,”

While Debra, 61, was diagnosed with colon cancer, she does admit that she never had cancer, as the lymph nodes and polyps removed during the surgery tested negative. However, she revealed there was a 99 percent chance it would turn into cancer, according to doctors.

This isn’t the only bombshell Debra is dropping in her book. She also claims in the book that Farrah viciously attacked her in 2010 and called the police to cover her tracks. However, her daughter denies the allegations. “She was found guilty, was put in jail, has it on her record, had to do social service work, and could not be left alone with my daughter,” she said. “My mother is mentally unstable, jealous of me, and is intimidated by what God has given me to succeed in life. I love her and always wish her the best.”

And Debra admits her relationship with her daughter remains strained to this day. “My daughter doesn’t talk to me,” she said. “I haven’t seen Sophia since Oct. 20. It’s sad, I’m stunned, I’m not considered at all. It’s sad and heartbreaking.” We don’t think this book is going to help…

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