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CBD is being discussed in various contexts and the term has grown so popular in recent years. For those who don’t know what CBD is, it is a cannabinoid in cannabis plants known to have various medicinal properties.

So, what is the reason for the popularity of CBD in recent years? Well, cannabis plants have been used in medicine since thousands of years ago but the plant and the compounds were subject to strict regulations. In 2018, the US government passed the US Farm Bill that legalized CBD products, provided their THC percentages were kept below 0.3%. Before the Farm Bill, cannabis and all of its compounds were regarded as controlled substances in the US.

In this article, we focus on CBD oil, one of the most popular CBD products.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is made by infusing CBD extract in a suitable carrier oil. Hemp seed oil and MCT oil is the carrier oils commonly used to make CBD oil. Various methods of extraction with varying purity percentages are employed to obtain CBD extract from hemp plant matter.

What Is The Legal Status Of CBD?

As per the legal guidelines, CBD products derived from hemp are only regarded as legal. They too will be deemed illegal if their THC percentages are more than the 0.3% limit. THC is an intoxicating compound and that is why the US government is particular about the allowable THC percentage in CBD products.

Marijuana is another cannabis plant that contains CBD but it has THC as its major cannabinoid. Hence marijuana-derived CBD products will contain more than 0.3% THC. Their production, sale, and possession are dealt with according to the marijuana laws of the specific US state.


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How To Make CBD Oil?

The CBD extract that has to be infused in the carrier oil (to make CBD oil) has to be extracted using a suitable method. Here are some popular CBD extraction methods used by CBD manufacturers:

CO2 Extraction

It is a high-quality CBD extraction that offers a high level of purity. There are three different variants of COextraction; subcritical, mid-critical, and supercritical COextraction. Of the three, supercritical extraction is mostly used. In all of these methods, COis used as the extraction solvent.

Subcritical COextraction involves low temperature and low pressure. When compared with supercritical COextraction, subcritical extraction produces a lesser yield and takes more time for completion.

Supercritical COextraction involves COin a state between liquid and gas. The state involves high pressure and low temperature. Mid-critical COextraction requires pressure and temperature that range between that of supercritical and subcritical COextraction.

Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol extraction is another popular CBD extraction method that has appreciable efficiency. In this method, ethanol is used as the extraction solvent. Although the method succeeds in extracting the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes of hemp, it extracts chlorophyll that is undesirable in the final product. You will have to filter the crude extract to remove chlorophyll from it. The process will reduce the potency of the extract.

Several other solvents like butane and propane can be used to extract CBD but the toxicity of these solvents might affect the quality of the final product. Even the slightest traces of these solvents remaining in the final product have to be removed, lest the CBD extract will turn toxic.

What Factors Decide The Quality Of CBD Oil?

Several factors influence the quality of CBD oil. They include:

Hemp Source

The quality of hemp plants used to derive CBD oil influences the quality of CBD oil a lot. Hemp is a hyperaccumulator that tends to absorb all of the soil contents including toxic ones. Hemp plants grown in contaminated soils absorb the soil pollutants and hence, CBD oil derived from those plants will have a poor purity profile. Always ensure that the CBD oil you have selected is obtained from hemp plants grown in pure soils.

Extraction Method

The quality of the extraction method influences the quality of CBD oil. Reputed CBD manufacturers often use COextraction.

When you purchase CBD oil, study its product label thoroughly to find out the percentages of its contents. Ensure that the product has third party lab certification and study the same in detail. A third-party lab certificate provides information about the purity and ingredient profile of a CBD product.


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