No shame! Eva Mendes revealed what type of parent she and her partner, Ryan Gosling, are to their two kids. “We are very controlling. Very, very controlling,” the 45-year-old revealed during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday, October 17. “We are always laughing at these terms. We would be the bulldozing parents. I heard of the term helicopter parenting. I am like what else am I supposed to do? They are like this big! We have to be on top of them every second. It’s literally — the stakes are really high. So, yeah, I am a helicopter person. Then, I heard bulldozing, and I was like, ‘Oh, I am a bulldozing parent, too.’”

The brunette beauty — who shares two daughters: Esmeralda, 5, and Amada, 3, with the Notebook star, 38 — continued to explain what she deals with in her household when it comes to her children. “People are so sweet. They really try to warn you, prep you when you’re pregnant, but nobody can prep you,” she said. “Nobody told me it was going to really be a job, and a job I would need an incredible amount of skill for. [I’m] a chauffeur, a cook, a personal assistant to an abusive boss. They are not grateful. Do they get grateful? Does that happen at some point? Any other profession you would need to take a test or pass a test. The only test I had to pass was a pregnancy test. That doesn’t seem fair.”

Eva Mendes Talking to Kelly Clarkson on Her Show

The Hitch alum also told Kelly Clarkson — who also has four kids — what it’s like to travel with her two tots. “The hardest part [of parenting] hands down is the amount of snacks I have to carry with me all day long, and the variety,” she revealed. “They like something different, so you need to keep it fresh, especially on long car rides. Those are the worst. Even going to the market, I need to take food in the car to go [there].”

These days, Eva is gearing up for her next adventure — who her daughters are going to be for Halloween! “It’s kind of like Halloween in our house every day,” she admitted. “They are constantly dressing up, and our kids are obsessed with The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy. So, they have been Dorothy every year. It’s financially great, but we are like, maybe we can do a bloody Dorothy? I can just put blood on you because really? Dorothy again?”

The Florida native and the handsome hunk met while they filmed their movie, The Place Beyond the Pines, in 2011. Since then, they have started a family together. While Eva is pretty private about her life with Ryan, she couldn’t help but swoon over him during her time on the NBC show. “Oh my God, that’s so old,” she quipped while an old photo of the duo came up on the screen. “That’s literally me going, ‘I’m not in love with him.’ What? I’m not in love because we were trying to be very professional. Look at him though.”

Eva Mendes Wearing a Patterned Dress With Ryan Gosling in a Brown Suit

We are definitely looking! You are one lucky lady, Eva.

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