The word survivor doesn't even begin to describe Elizabeth Smart. The child safety activist was only 14 years old when she was taken from her Utah home in 2002. Her kidnappers threatened her with a knife before holding her captive for nine months before releasing her. In her new book — Where There’s Hope: Healing, Moving Forward, and Never Giving Up — she described the horrific details of the abuse she encountered as a teenager.

"There aren't words to describe the humiliation, pain, and total degradation I felt over the subsequent hours," the 30-year-old mom wrote. For the first time, we really get an idea of just how monstrous her captors were. "In my opinion, rape is worse than murder. When it was over, he stood up and walked out of the tent without the slightest shadow of regret. No concern. No remorse."

She went on to explain how after the abuse, she woke up to her abductor, Brian David Mitchell, towering over her. He then confined her to a tent so she wouldn't escape. "He said he was doing me a favor by removing temptation," she wrote.

She continued that her captors had her drink alcohol so she would be easier to control. "But I learned quickly that the alcohol would make me oblivious for a little while, and oblivion was the only relief I had, so I forced the alcohol on myself even though it left me vomiting and miserable," she revealed.

Thankfully, her horrific story has a happy ending. Elizabeth was finally rescued in 2003 when police spotted her outside of a grocery store with her kidnappers. She went on to lead a healthy and normal life, marrying a great man named Matthew, and having two beautiful children.

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