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Place Your Bets: We Decode Which Duggar Kid Could Break Free From the Family

It's amazing that in a family of 19 kids, we've yet to truly see a Duggar break free yet. The oppressive rule of the patriarch and his rather intense Fundie Church has mostly made a lot of Jim Bob clones and passive breeders. And yet, we've been keeping an eye on the clan (as it is our job) and can sense that there's still hope that someone, maybe even a few someones, could one day leave the family and their antiquated traditions behind.

And we know, we know, you already have a favorite. Every once in a while we'll look at Jinger Duggar flaunting her jeans in her fab Texas home and whisper, "She is free." But um, is she, though? Or do her younger siblings have a better chance to live a better, fuller life that isn't dictated by the Gothard Principle? Because we're not saying there's a science to this, but we're starting to think that the lower you are on the Duggar totem pole, the more likely you are to harness those opportunities your siblings never had. You know, like not marrying the first person you ever dated, or having a job that isn't "concert pianist."

These sound like crazy concepts for any Duggar to experience, but we're rooting for at least one of them to live a slightly normal life. And after some careful observation, we analyzed the Duggars that could start (sooooaring, flyyying) and breaking from their parents' rule. Click through our gallery to see our best bet for a Duggar jailbreak.

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