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The Duggars Have Traveled the World, so Why Are They Still so Awkward Abroad?

The Duggars get criticized a lot for being uncultured or sheltered due to their strict ministry and upbringing, but there's one thing people forget about the family. They're actually not that sheltered at all. Ever since TLC gave them a show, the entire family (even the little ones) have been all over the world, from the UK to Japan. They've eaten food they typically don't consume on a daily basis, participated in different customs, and even driven down the opposite side of the road. When you think about it, the Duggars are actually more well-traveled than the average American. So why do fans still treat the family like they're a band of slack-jawed yokels?

Well, that might be because, even though the Duggars have been all over the world, they don't act like it. They still shun most non-American foods (like that time Jim Bob Duggar ordered a corndog at a Mexican restaurant), get a little freaked out by other languages, and still can't navigate a train station. Sure it makes for great TV, but it's all a little awkward to watch. After all, the Duggars today aren't the same Duggars that appeared in their first special, 14 Kids and Pregnant Again. Now those Duggars were sheltered.

According to a former crew member, back then the family was allegedly terrified of visiting New York City because of "the gays." Fast forward to the future and the Duggars are now trying on traditional kimonos, wearing kilts, and even trying raw fish. Thanks to the success of their show, the Duggars have had more experiences and have been exposed to more culture than anyone. So why are they still so painfully awkward abroad? How come Joy-Anna Duggar is still terrified of fondue? Why does Jim Bob still not understand how converting money works?

To date, the Duggars have been to dozens of countries, from missionary trips to El Salvador to romantic honeymoons in Italy. Below, their most awkward, Duggar-est moments abroad.

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