It’s a Duggar family tradition! Some of the best memories are made during the holidays and lots of family gatherings are centered around cooking and eating together — and the Duggars are no exception! One of their favorite things to do around Christmastime is getting all of their 19 kids together to bake cookies for charity and now, Jessa Duggar is giving away the Duggar sugar cookie recipe so that fans can make their own! ** Watch the video below to get the Duggar family’s famous sugar cookie recipe!**

They look so good! It seems like Jessa was the one to spearhead the sugar cookie-making process at her parent’s house, and she brought along her two-year-old son Spurgeon so that he could take part in the family tradition — and don’t worry, she made it safe for little hands by using kid-friendly cookie cutters. Jessa is definitely proud of carrying on her mom Michelle Duggar‘s tradition, and back in 2011, Michelle opened up about how the family’s holiday baking tradition started.

“We started out baking with the kids when they were little. I’d make some cookies and they’d draw little scribbly pictures on them. I would write a scripture on them, and then we’d deliver the treats,” the mom-of-19 wrote in a TLC blog post. “And we couldn’t spend a long time delivering the cookies because the kids were little, and I didn’t have the energy and I couldn’t keep them all together if I did, so we’d usually just drop it off and say, “We’re thinking of you guys.”

“Now, the older ones do it. So it’s really fun to see that it’s something that continues on,” she continued. “My daughter Jill makes a homemade salsa with cilantro and onions, and it is delicious. It’s also great as a gift because sometimes people can’t always do the sugar.”

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