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Looking Back, the Duggar Kids Get Reprogrammed Whenever They Stray From the Flock

Over the years, we're slowly pulling the wool from our eyes and seeing the Duggars as less of a God-fearing, docile family and more as you know, kind of like a cult with several perma-grinned perm-haired prisoners. However, sometimes those fundamental (ha) values don't exactly take the first time around. And when a Duggar starts acting out, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are quick to correct it with reeducation — and often by sending their child away to be brainwashed back in the fold.

OK, that sounds super sci-fi. In cases like Joy-Anna Duggar, simple sibling quality time is enough to smooth out a spunky personality. Or with a young Jill Duggar, prayer and persuasion was all it took to re-dedicate her to the herd.

Other times, however, the Duggars use Institute in Basic Life Principles programs to keep them on the righteous (double ha) path, sending their children away for months at a time. Really, there are a few different methods, but the motive is always the same: force the children to stay in line by punishing any sort of deviant behavior, whether it's warranted or not. And by the way, it's usually not. Scroll down to learn all the ways the Duggars may have silenced their children into submission…or tried to, in Josh's case.

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