Sometimes when we're bored, we'll just scroll through the Duggar family's Instagram. We've been fans for a while, but it feels like we're always discovering some funny, new picture or adorable shot of the little ones — but every now and then, we'll make a different kind of discovery. Recently, we've had the realization that Jinger Duggar sure used to take a lot of selfies for the family's account. Even more than that, it seemed like Jinger was posting the photos herself. And suddenly we had to ask ourselves — wait, did Jinger used to run the family's Instagram account?

We took a deeper look, and all of the evidence seemed to be lining up. Because here's the thing about the Duggars' Instagram captions: They used to be pretty simple. They'd just label who the kids in the picture were, or they might say something like, "The Duggars are having fun on their book tour this week!" or whatever. But every now and then, one caption would be written from the first-person perspective. And that perspective seems to frequently be Jinger's. For example, check out the Instagram below, captioned, "Car auction with daddy!"

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Car auction with daddy!

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We guess technically it's possible that someone else, like Jinger's mom, Michelle Duggar, might post a a photo with that kind of caption. But it seems more likely that Jinger was the one who logged into the family's account and shared the pic. This isn't the first time the Duggars posted an Instagram caption like this, either. There's also this photo of Jinger and James in the car, captioned, "Look out drivers, we are getting some more practice in!" And this photo of Jinger and Joy-Anna hanging out two months before Jinger's wedding, captioned, "At the hotel on a wedding planning trip. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful sisters to share this process with. Since we have done a few already, we got the hang of it! ;)" She even wrote, "I love getting to know this man of God!" on a picture of her and Jeremy just a few days before they got engaged.

But those captions aren't the only pieces of evidence. There's also the fact that Jinger has played family photographer on occasion. She took younger brother Josiah's (extremely melodramatic) senior portraits, posted with the hashtag #PhotographyByJinger, and even shot some couple pictures of sister Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald. And Jinger's own Instagram account demonstrates her love for snapping pics. If she was used to being the one behind the camera when it came to taking family photos, it makes sense she'd be the one behind the Instagram, too.

Our last piece of proof? Jinger's trademark rebellious streak. Not only was she the first Duggar daughter in pants, but she also set out to make and follow her own rules from the time she was a teenager courting her future husband. Notably, the Duggars aren't allowed on social media until they're engaged (despite what Josiah's account would have you believe). And yet, Jinger was posting pics for her family before then. It makes total sense that, eager for a little more freedom or curious about the outside world, she'd jump at the opportunity to run her family's Instagram even if only for a chance to be online every now and then. Until Jinger comes out and says something, we may never know for sure if she really was behind the Duggars' official account — but we're certainly convinced.

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