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Welp, Here’s Photo Evidence the Duggar Kids Are Running the Entire Household

On the last episode of Counting On (aka Michelle and Jim Bob Continue to be Unable to Parent Their Children), I unraveled my great coffee break conspiracy theory: Michelle Duggar doesn't cook, and has probably had her kids pushing out meals since at least 2013. This week, I hold firm on that theory, but want to staple on a probably obvious statement on top of it: the Duggar children are doing all the chores around the compound. Like, in a running-the-whole-damn-household kind of way.

Now, hardcore followers know that the Duggar children have "jurisdictions" to ensure that Michelle doesn't have to hold up her end of the "being a mom" bargain. And it's also not surprising that the Duggar second gen (ahem, Jana) had to step into that domestic role. But watching children scrub dishes and make dinner is especially insulting when Michelle tries to frame it as something they relish doing.

"The little ones love to help," Michelle coos as she gets her fifth pedicure of the month. "They have such a servant's heart." Yeah. We're sure they love to "help." We sure they love being servants. Sigh. And in case you were wondering, no, there isn't a nanny or housekeeper or anyone else in sight to help this family out. Not that you probably needed any more proof, but here are just a few reminders that the Duggar children (and Jana, mostly Jana) are basically keeping the compound together.

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