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Being a Duggar Bridesmaid Adds a New Layer of Suck to Simply “Being a Bridesmaid”

Every time I’m subjected to another Duggar wedding — what is that, bi-weekly at the rate they’re going? — I feel a fleeting empathy pain for the bridesmaids. As it is, there’s nothing more boring than watching two near-strangers kiss for the first time. Yet having to be part of the prep for that hard-earned first kiss sounds like absolute torture. And yes, that’s even topping whatever you’re going through with your college roommate right now, even though the bridesmaids’ dresses were eggplant.

Because let’s face it: at best being in a bridal party is gratingly annoying. At worst, it’s basically like a lifetime of indentured servitude (or it least it feels that way). As a small mercy, Duggar engagements are insanely rushed, meaning you’ll never be stuck catering to one girl for very long. At the same time, the bride du jour might force you to sew all of your tacky bridesmaids dresses like Jill did to always-the-bridesmaid Jana.

Guys, next time you’re wearing a black bodycon dress at another Atlantic City bachelorette party, thank your lucky stars you’re not Jana. As far as I can tell, Our Lady of Quiet Desperation has been in nine weddings, the most recent one to date being Joe‘s wedding to literal infant Kendra Caldwell.

jana duggar kendra duggar

Sad. So if you need to feel just a little bit grateful, we’ve backpedaled on why being a Duggar bridesmaid is so much worse than dealing with the average bridezilla. Scroll down to learn all about the complex world of being a Duggar bridesmaids, or as some would call it, “Jana’s entire life.”

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