You leave the supermarket, lunch out with a friend, or you’ve finished with your morning workout —you put your mask on and grab your standard sanitizer.

Your mask breaks, and your sanitizer, which you’ve never read the ingredients of, leaves a sticky residue on your hands. Why? Because your standard mask and sanitizer weren’t made for your safety, comfort, and convenience; they were made to “get the job done.”

Luckily, Dr. Brite’s alcohol wipes and cloth face masks make the process of keeping clean and safe simple!

Their sanitizing wipes are made with refreshing scents like eucalyptus and citrus, and they promise you on every package that their wipes are methanol free. Methanol is a highly toxic chemical that should not interact with your hands, but many companies use methanol as a key ingredient in their products! 

To keep you and your family safe and prepared this holiday season, buy alcohol wipes, sanitizers, cleaning essentials, and oral hygiene products that were made by doctors with you in mind.

Since our new normal is masking up and sanitizing multiple times a day, don’t just ‘get the job done,’ do it right with Dr. Brite.

This Hand Sanitizer Was Rated 5 Stars—5,000 Times!

Founders Dr. Paris Sabo and Dr. Pooneh Ramenzani design sanitizers, cleaning essentials, and germ-killing disinfectants to keep you refreshed and healthy, but something surprising happened when they created their 16oz citrus hand sanitizer.

Dr. Brite received OVER 5,000 customer reviews with five stars.

The doctors designing your products are honest—they tell you on the front of their website and in their product descriptions that their products exceed CDC recommendations for your everyday germ-killing routine. Unfortunately, other sanitizing products on the market don’t care if they meet CDC recommendations. 

Their fair prices, their genuine attention to product quality, and their promise of a healthy and clean everyday routine put Dr. Brite on the map for thousands of loyal customers. Dr. Brite is serious about their commitment to their customers, and it shows in the reviews they receive.

Never Run Out of Hand Sanitizer Again—With Dr. Brite’s Subscribe & Save Program

When checking out on Dr. Brite’s website, there’s a considerate customer option—Dr. Brite’s subscribe and save program. 

Say you’re purchasing the 8 Pack of 16oz Citrus Hand Sanitizer for your office or housemates, and in two months, you start to run out. Well, now you don’t have to worry or even leave your house to get more! 

With the subscribe and save program, you save from 20 to 30 percent on your purchase by choosing to receive the product every 30, 45, 60, or 90 days. 

Basically, this program allows you to save and stay safe, and you never have to worry about buying hand sanitizer for you, your employees, or your family again.

It shouldn’t be your job to figure out how and when you’ll sanitize. 

You’re probably busy, so let Dr. Brite do the work for you!

Finally, A Streak-Free Clean With No Toxic Chemicals!

Are you finding sticky residue on your countertops or bathroom sinks after you clean? Are you lightheaded from the highly toxic chemicals? And are you sick of the overwhelming smell of your cleaning products? 

The doctors at Dr. Brite were sick of low-grade products, too—so they created clean and safe solutions.

Dr. Brites 32oz Eucalyptus Multi-Purpose Cleaner destroys every bathroom germ, sticky kitchen mess, and dusty disaster. Its ingredients, including Isopropyl alcohol, purified water, hydrogen peroxide, peppermint leaf oil, eucalyptus oil, lauric acid, and citric acid attack the source of the germs immediately. 

Their alcohol and essential oil ingredients keep whatever space you’re cleaning smelling fresh and safe for you to breathe. The alcohol levels in each of their 32oz Eucalyptus Multi-Purpose Cleaner and all of their products are at the CDC recommended level of 70% alcohol, which means it’s safe for your hands to interact with.

The clean you get with Dr. Brite is unlike other products on the market. When doctors are designing what you’re using in your home, around your friends and family, or coworkers, they keep in mind the safety of the people you care for or work with. And at a fair price, everyone can buy what they deserve.


Find what you need with Dr. Brite today. 

Your Facemask Needs This Upgrade!

Stop wearing masks that aren’t safe for you, and choose Dr. Brite for your next mask purchase

With breathable cotton materials and their three-layer design of UV resistant, anti-droplet, sweat-absorbent, and sewn-in filter technology, Dr. Brite’s masks for adults and kids prove they’re worthy of keeping you safe. 

The best part? Their new fabric nose flap provides a key upgrade that allows for your mask to finally stay on your nose! Also, with adjustable ear straps, machine-washable materials, and gym friendly use, Dr. Brite’s mask is for everyone! 

The patterns and mask options for both the adults and kids are also incredibly cute and affordable. From houndstooth patterns to solid black, the options for adults are fashionable or simple, depending on your style. 

For kids, the fun options make masking up exciting. At school, with the Kids Face Mask 4 Pack, your child could be a puppy or a cat one day and a bear the next! Staying safe should be exciting for your little one, and that’s why Dr. Brite also added the 3D ear flaps on the front of your child’s mask. 

Young children might not understand what’s going on right now or the importance of wearing a mask, so that’s why the team at Dr. Brite decided to help create kids’ masks that are fun!

Find a mask for your little one here! 

Dr. Brite Cares About Your Smile, Too!

Dr. Brite cares about what’s under your mask, too—your smile! With their oral care products and solutions, Dr. Brite set out to create clean and nonharmful hygienic options for your morning and nightly oral cleaning routines.

From their popular mineral berry toothpaste for kids to their minty whitening toothpaste for adults, Dr. Brite is care-conscious when deciding what goes in your mouth. 

Their oral care products and solutions are cruelty-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, Non- GMO, and phthalate-free to keep your smiles healthy, fresh, and “brite.” 

Looking for a product to accompany your toothpaste? Try Dr. Brite’s electric sonic toothbrush and rinse after with the wildberry healthy gums mouthwash

Their coolest on-the-go product is their teeth whitening pen that whitens your teeth by preventing and removing stains in up to two days of use! This product is so cool because it works so fast, and it makes you confident about your smile in just days. Not to mention, it’s so easy to use. 

When using Dr. Brite’s teeth whitening pen, you apply the gel onto your teeth by rubbing the pen into each tooth to make sure the application is even. Then, wait for two minutes with your mouth open, and see your stains slowly dissolve. 

If you care about your smile, why not care about your pets too?

Your Pets’ Oral Care, Without the Pricey Trips to the Vet 

Dr. Brite not only specializes in cleaning essentials, sanitizers, and oral care, but they also make products for your pets. 

The anti-plaque pen for your pet, designed by a doctor and a dentist, ensures your dog a healthy and happy smile. Made with key vitamins and oils, the anti-plaque pen is more than safe to be put in your pet’s mouth! 

If plaque isn’t the problem, and your pet just needs a refreshing spray, try the oral cleansing spray. 

It makes your pets’ breath smell fresh and enjoyable! Your pets count on you to keep them safe and healthy, and there’s no one better to take of your pet than Dr. Brite.

You Don’t Have to Look Any Further for Products Designed With You in Mind

It’s more than just a company selling cleaning essentials, hygiene products, and sanitizers.

Dr. Brite is a company that was created by two doctors to remove toxic chemicals from your daily routines and bring to light the importance of what you clean your house, your hands, and your teeth with.

Their prices are affordable for the life-changing quality of their products because their team is making these products so that you can live a safer life every day. 

You don’t have to look any further for products designed with you in mind.

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