Still such an inspiring story! While My 600-Lb Life re-runs aired on TLC recently, fans began to worry that star Donald Shelton may have met his death after filming. While it hasn't been an easy journey for the Pasadena, TX native, he is still alive and well, and fighting for his happily ever after!

In 2004, Donald began his journey toward a healthier life by getting his gastric bypass surgery when he was 675 pounds. He had some ups and downs during his journey, having lost 200 pounds and gained it back, and then suffering from a fall, learning he had Guillain-Barre disease, and eventually slipping into a coma. However, it appears that Donald managed to get out of his near-death experience and went on to lose more weight, despite still being forced to use a scooter.

Perhaps death rumors were sparked by the fact that Donald's father, who shares the same name as him, passed away in 2016. The Vietnam War veteran was 70 years old when he passed away, and it certainly devastated Donald. He took to Facebook to thank fans for their support, and to post a GoFundMe asking his supporters to donate money to his mother, left widowed by his father's death.

As recently as July 2017, Donald posted a photo showing that he's still in great shape after his 600-Lb Life journey. "Great job Donald," wrote a fan. "I've seen your weight loss journey. You can do this, be an inspiration to others! Life is too short." Donald certainly knows that, which is why he listed his job as "living life to the fullest!" We hope he'll continue being an inspiration for others for years to come!

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