In fashion, there’s always a feud or two a-brewin’. Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram Stories to set the record straight about her inspiration for her incredible 2019 Met Gala afterparty look — and to call out her doppelgänger, Kami Osman, for making the accusation that it was copied.

The drama all started when the Instagram influencer posted to her Stories on May 22. “Got a lot of DMs in regards to the MET look that was painfully similar to my last year’s birthday dress,” Kami wrote, which she followed up with a photo of herself in a tight white mini dress with a similar deep v-neck, belly-baring motif.


“March 31, 2018,” the dated the photo, specifically trying to prove a point. “Never get confused with who ‘inspires’ who. They will never give you credit but they will copy.”

The singer/songwriter went on to explain that she had designed the dress for her birthday with a team and that “nobody” had the same design that she created. Our girl Kim, however, thought a little differently about that.

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On May 23, the 38-year-old fired back with a simple response: “#NotMyMoodBoard.” She put the hashtag front and center in her Stories, followed by several images of the legendary Cher, who clearly was the inspiration for Kimmy’s Thierry Mugler-designed ‘fit. The KUWTK star has been very vocal about her adoration for the singer and even met her after a concert during an episode of the E! series.

Later that night, Kami came back with a lengthy “clarification” of her original post. “It wasn’t meant to attack anyone or accuse anybody, but moreso defend my point, to simply clarify my side and state that I wore my dress a really long time ago,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories.


“I know maybe it’s hard to believe but inspiration can come from anyone and anywhere,” she continued. “Just because some designer isn’t on Versace or Mugler level yet, or someone isn’t an icon like Cher yet, doesn’t mean they can’t inspire someone who is famous.

Well … she’s not wrong, but with Kim being such a superfan, we’re pretty sure the ~inspo~ was pretty clear on this one.

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