Wait a second… is there any chance that Josh Duggar faked going to rehab?! Fans think they found evidence that the father-of-five’s Reformers Unanimous stint in 2015 following the revelation that he cheated on his wife may have been a lie.

It might have been easy to miss this evidence, but not for superfans. On Dec. 13, the Duggars posted a throwback photo of their youngest children during the holidays. Although they only described the photo as being from “a while back,” some perceptive followers immediately recognized that it was from 2015, when Josh was (or should have been) in his “long term treatment,” and Anna was staying with the Duggars. However, take a look at the pudgy man wearing a button-down shirt in the background of the photo. Mhm, sure looks a lot like Josh. However, there’s no way to know for sure given the Duggars cropped out his head!

So, here’s the thing: there never was any proof that Josh checked himself into a facility. Michelle and Jim Bob said that he was going to treatment in Illinois, and that he would not be able to leave until it was completed (though reports claim he did leave for a period of time.) Anna was supposedly allowed to visit him there, and posted a photo in front of a brick wall for their anniversary in 2015, but that could have been taken anywhere.

josh and anna duggar, facebook

Anna and Josh Duggar reunite at rehab facility in 2015

Quite frankly, even if he did complete treatment, we aren’t sure how effective it would be. The “Christian rehab” center he allegedly attended doesn’t even have any real psychologists, for crying out loud! The Duggars’ tactics have raised eyebrows in the past, like when they sent Josh away to a hard labor camp after learning he molested his sisters, or when they brought him to speak to that weird guy Jim Hutchins, who turned out to be a child porn trafficker. Despite their best efforts, Josh went on to admit to adultery and having an addiction to porn, so maybe he should seek professional help instead of turning to his family for answers.

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