Uhhh, what exactly is going on with Anna Duggar in her latest photo with the family? When fans spotted her in the background of one of Jessa Duggar‘s pictures, they had a lot of questions. Namely, did the former TLC star secretly have another baby? Have she and Josh Duggar been growing the Duggar family tree without letting their fans know? And if not, why exactly is she breastfeeding some baby?

The picture is one of Jessa’s ugly holiday sweater photos, and it’s tucked away in an album behind at least one other photo. But that didn’t stop fans from spotting what they suspected might be a new member of the Duggar family. Soon enough, the comments came pouring in. “Did Anna have another kid?” one fan asked. Another wrote, “Did Anna have another baby? Because in the second pic it looks like she is breastfeeding with a cover on.” Check the pic out in Jessa’s album here.

Anna herself actually popped into the comments, too, but it wasn’t for the reason fans wanted. Instead, she was just enjoying the fun Christmas pics with everyone else. In Jessa’s caption, she wrote that the family “ate way too much Italian dinner, then dove into desserts that were part of a baking competition,” participated in a “white elephant gift exchange,” and then played “board games and a movie to bring the evening to an end.” Lauren Swanson responded, “We [had] so much fun! This needs to be a family tradition!” and Anna weighed in “I agree! This was such a fun family evening!”

As for confirming or denying the rumors, though, she stayed out of that. But based on Josh and Anna’s own ugly Christmas sweater family photo, we’re betting that it was just their youngest, Mason, underneath the cover — and not some secret other youngest baby. After all, their fifth child is only a little over a year old, which means he’s likely still breastfeeding.

Back in August, the mom-of-five opened up on Instagram about her breastfeeding journey with Mason. In her post, she mentioned how she had to cut a bunch of foods out of her diet to discover that he had a dairy allergy. He may have started incorporating solids into his diet by his first birthday, but we’re sure this mom and son are still enjoying the breastfeeding bonding time they have left.

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