Surprise, surprise, Derick Dillard the target of Internet backlash — again! The Counting On star is being slammed on social media for not having a job, but now he’s fighting back.

On Oct. 16, someone tagged him in a Twitter post and asked, “Get a job yet?” to which the 28-year-old replied, “Funny, I’ve worked full-time salaried job/school non-stop for the past 23 years… might want to check your sources.” ~Mic drop.~

In the past, haters have attacked the reality star not having a solid career. After ending his El Salvador ministry, Derick advertised his PureCharity fund — similar to GoFundMe — and asked people to donate to his new ministry. Unfortunately, it was met with so much backlash that it was eventually taken down. “Get a job and earn it,” one person commented. Another added, “I’m going to donate my charity money to my local food bank or women’s shelter… you have lots of money from TLC, why don’t you put that towards your ministry?”

Earlier this week, the father-of-two was slammed for a different tweet — this time one that involved gender equality. In part, the post read, “No one — women, men, children or transgendered persons — should be subjected to any form of exploitation or targeted for discrimination.” If you recall back in August, Derick shared his unwarranted opinion about about Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen and his fellow co-star. For reasons we may never understand, Jill Duggar‘s hubby decided that it was a good idea to attack the 16-year-old trans advocate. “What an oxymoron… a ‘reality’ show which follows a non-reality,” he wrote. “‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God.”

Yet according to his LinkedIn, he’s doesn’t have a job like he says he does. The last thing on his resume was the missionary trip to Central America. Prior to that, he worked at Wal-Mart. TBH, we’re not buying it, D!

Derick was caught breaking a Duggar family rule — watch the video below to find out what it was.

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