He may be willing to turn his back on TLC and Counting On, but that doesn’t mean Derick Dillard is abandoning everything he has in common with the rest of the Duggar family. When one of the star’s followers on Twitter tried to criticize him about his religion, he wasn’t having it. He clapped back at the troll who questioned his faith by insisting that his belief in God had nothing to do with his belief in science.

“Happy New Year! May we follow the Lord Jesus more closely in 2020 than ever before!” Derick, 30, wrote on January 1. One fan wasn’t impressed, responding, “I’d perhaps look closer to science, but that’s me.” But the father of two didn’t seem to see those ideas as at odds. “I support science 100 percent,” he insisted on January 2.

Derick Dillard Says He Supports Science 100 Percent
Courtesy of Derick Dillard/Instagram

Recently, the former reality star hasn’t been shying away from responding to fans’ criticism and comments, and it even led to him hosting an impromptu Q&A underneath one of the holiday photos he and wife Jill Dillard (née Duggar) shared on Instagram. When someone asked why the couple never seems to be at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar‘s house, he took the opportunity to explain exactly how and why their relationship has frayed.

Though he claimed there are “no hard feelings” between the Dillards and the Duggars, the law student did reveal that he and Jill, 28, are “not allowed at the house when JB isn’t there.” He claimed that they have to get all visits “cleared” by her father, even during emergency situations like when one of her sisters is going into labor. He also alleged that they were under the impression that nobody from the family was being paid to participate in the reality show, saying they were “deceived” and “made to believe [they] didn’t have a choice” about filming and “would be sued” both by Jill’s family and TLC is they refused to film.

Derick and his family made the decision to leave the show after it “took [them] to the brink of sanity,” despite the outside pressure that they faced. However, he’s worried that some family members are still going along with filming because they’re worried about upsetting Jim Bob and Michelle. “If it’s the same way it was for us, the others may be pressured into submission with threats of lawsuits, too deep into it/dependent or something else like that to speak up,” he explained to fans.

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