Making history! Former NBA star Dennis Rodman showed up in Singapore just hours before President Donald Trump was set to meet the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, for the first time ever. Dennis, who has traveled to North Korea several times, considers himself “friends” with both Jong-un and Trump. Last week, he tweeted about being there for these two leaders.

“I’ll give whatever support is needed to my friends, @realDonaldTrump and Marshall Kim Jong-un,” Dennis wrote. And although TMZ reported that White House officials said Dennis will play no official role in the negotiations, the 57-year-old still decided to show up.

trump and kim jong un

So, why is Dennis really in Singapore if he doesn’t have an invite? It’s unclear at this point. What we do know, however, is that he’s really excited to be involved — even if it’s from afar — in something so historic. Since touching down at Changi airport around midnight on June 11, he tweeted, “Just arrived to Singapore for the Historical Summit! Looking forward to @POTUS having incredible success that the whole world will benefit by.”

Dennis told reporters at the airport baggage claim that he has no plans to meet with Jong-un. “Like I said, every time I see him, it’s always a surprise,” he explained. “So, maybe tomorrow is the same thing. Maybe [it will be] a surprise [and] I’ll see him.”

Even if Dennis doesn’t get face time with the North Korean leader or President Trump, he does have incredibly high hopes for the summit. But, he also thinks people need to lower their expectations considering that this is the first time these two people in power will be in the same room. “It should go fairly well, but people should not expect so much for the first time,” Dennis said. “But, like I said, the door is now open.”

As for Dennis’ involvement in bringing Trump and Jong-un together? He wouldn’t say much on that. What Dennis did say though, is that he believes he was the one who started raising awareness on how the US could make peace with North Korea. Fingers crossed the meeting goes as smoothly as Dennis is making it seem!

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