Not holding back. Debra Danielsen — the mother of Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham — opened up in an exclusive interview with In Touch about the torment her ex-husband, Michael Abraham, put her through during their years of marriage. According to Debra, she felt the need to detail their rocky relationship in her new memoir, _ Vapor: A True Story of How I Fell Victim To Catfishing_.

“Micheal knows about my book and while I was writing it, I mentioned that I wasn’t going to keep silent about all of the trials he has put me and the children through,” the mom-of-two — who also shares daughter Ashley Danielsen with a previous partner —
said. “Michael was always angry and hateful. The more I tried to get help to get to the bottom of the issues, he would run off and be hurtful. So, I had to move forward and do as three different doctors advised me to do.”

In her tome, Debra claims that Michael abused drugs and cheated on her. The Nebraska native — who is grandmother to Farrah’s eight-year-old daughter, Sophia — told In Touch that she did her best to not allow Michael’s alleged indiscretions to have a permeant affect on her. “Since I had never been exposed to drug abuse or infidelity growing up or in my life previously, I wasn’t aware of Michael’s behavior for many years,” she said. “I knew that I wanted a man who was smart, professional, kind, and loving. A man I could trust, love, and cherish. My focus was on listening to God and finding a man with these characteristics. Never focusing on the negative.”

These days, Debra is happily married to Dr. David Merz. In Touch attended her wedding back in November, where she gushed over life with her new husband. “It’s really beautiful to be married to David,” the “Debz OG” rapper said at the time. “But it was scary because I’ve been single for 11 years and it was really hard, but if there’s someone I trust like I trust him, I feel confident that it’s a good choice.”

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