Does David Toborowsky have a job yet? The 49-year-old 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After star had made some pretty big promises to his 25-year-old wife Annie Suwan during last season of 90 Day Fiancé, and he can't deliver on any of them because he hasn't been able to find work since he moved back to the United States from Thailand after marrying Annie.

When David and Annie returned to the franchise, it had been about six months since they moved back. They were originally relying on the generosity of David's friend Chris Thieneman, who had been loaning David money. But Chris' wife Nikki Cooper quickly grew tired of David using Chris as an unlimited ATM, and Chris cut David financially.

Chris stopped giving David money, and he allowed David and Annie to stay in one of his empty real estate properties (a firehouse) rent-free for a few months. But Chris called David with some bad news — he sold the firehouse and he was giving David and Annie three days' notice.

But Chris had an option for them: they could either pay rent for an apartment he had available that was above a storage facility that he owned, or David work as a manager at the storage facility and live in the apartment above the facility with Annie rent-free.

Even though Chris' option wasn't ideal, David wasn't exactly grateful for the opportunity to make some money while having a roof over his head.

"I don’t know if I want to manage a storage facility," David said in his confessional. "That’s a $10 an hour position. I have a Master’s Degree. Who dreams of getting a Master’s Degree and say, 'Oh my god, I can’t wait to live above a storage facility.'"

It's unclear how David and Annie were getting by in America after they were cut off financially from Chris since David didn't work and Annie was not legally allowed to work until she gets her green card. But many fans assume that they were probably taking advantage of the government.

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Happy birthday to you my sweetheart. Can't believe to day is your 50 birthday, I wish you healthy and be my strong husband and I love you so much thank you for taking good care of me of us🤩🤩 your mean everything for me. I LOVE YOU #David tobolowsky

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"Does Annie have a job yet? Do they get government assistance since their version of welfare from Chris is cut off? Just don't understand how they can afford to pay bills and what not," one person wrote on reddit. "Also we never see them making any food at their apartment; they are always going out to eat! Eating out every day is very expensive unless they eat off the dollar menu somewhere. I used to feel bad for Annie, but now I'm starting to think they are a match made in heaven because she seems to not care and only wants free fast money. She doesn't seem to be pushing him to get a job or anything like that." A second commented, "They have a paycheck from TLC, at least David does, as Annie doesn't appear to have her green card yet. I think only David would qualify for any assistance, perhaps food stamps, since Annie is sponsored by Chris. TLC might foot the bill for some stuff if they want to film them out of the apartment."

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