Are they or aren’t they? 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After fans are confused AF about whether Nicole Nafziger is living in Morocco and married to her fiancé Azan Tefou or if she’s back in Florida and single. Just one day after Nicole seemed to hint on social media that she may have finally married Azan, a reddit user shared a major update that seems to prove otherwise.

“Nicole sighting! My sister ran into Nicole and May at a craft store. No Azan and no ring! Yes May even had the leash backpack on,” the reddit user wrote. Though it’s unclear why Nicole was shopping in a craft store with her daughter, it is clear that she is still in the United States — and the fact that she wasn’t wearing an engagement ring or wedding band doesn’t bode well for her future with Azan.

But it seems like Nicole wants fans to think otherwise. On Monday, July 9, Nicole took to Snapchat and Instagram to share a photo of a very dark bedroom and she captioned the shot, “So blessed for my family and my new family. God has blessed me indeed.”

'90 day fiancé' nicole back in morocco?

Nicole didn’t add any further details, but her message had fans buzzing — and many of them thought she was dropping a hint that she made her way back to Morocco and already married Azan. “I assume she came back to get the right papers and then went back to marry him,” one user wrote, and another commented, “She just gave it away saying [she’s] loving her new family.”

While her whereabouts are definitely uncertain, one thing is for sure: she did go to Morocco earlier this year with the intention to marry Azan, and she stayed there for about three to six months before returning to her home state of Florida. Nicole’s stepfather Joe Fouraker confirmed the details to Radar Online and he revealed that she ended up calling off her wedding to Azan because “the timing wasn’t right.”

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Though Joe did not reveal any more details, fans learned the reason why during a recent episode of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Azan and Nicole were forced to call off or postpone their wedding because Nicole only brought a copy of her police record with her to Morocco and a notary assistant told them that they needed the original document in order to obtain a marriage license. Nicole would need to go back to the US, file paperwork for the document, wait two to four weeks to receive the original record, and then bring it back to Morocco with her — and it sounds like that’s exactly what Nicole intended to do.

“She still talks to him. I think she still intends to go back,” Joe revealed. “The wedding dress is still there.”

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