Umm, is there anything the OutDaughtered quints can’t do? From getting their dance on to finding the best hiding spots to improvising ice packs with frozen pancakes, they’re pretty much pros at everything. Well, apparently not making gingerbread houses. While celebrating the holidays, Danielle Busby and her daughters decided to take some sweet treats and make little holiday decorations, but not everything turned out as planned. In fact, we’re pretty sure some of these gingerbread houses need to be condemned and scheduled for demolition — that is, if they haven’t already fallen apart on their own.

“Ten little ginger bread houses…what an experience this was tonight,” the mom-of-six posted on Instagram with a shot of their hard work. Though a few of the houses were standing — we’d put our money on Danielle’s, Adam Busby‘s, and big sister Blayke’s gingerbread abodes — a couple of them looked more like stacks of gingerbread squares on a plate than anything else. Fans loved it, though, and they had plenty of compliments to share in addition to some good construction advice for next time.

“So cute but great attempt for sure!” wrote one fan in the sweetest of all ways to note that some of the candy homes were total fails. “You’re nothing if not ambitious! Love your heart!” a similar comment read. “Ah! Whose is the fallen house? All so cute!” added another, while a fourth commented, “Ha ha let me guess…. Riley’s is one of the broken ones cuz she ate it!!!!!! The sweet tooth sweetie! Ha!”

But the best hot tip, of course, was to break out the hot glue gun next time. “A wise friend told me to hot glue the houses together instead of using frosting!” a commenter advised. A Kindergarten teacher also chimed in to recommend that method. “Hot gluing them together is a great idea but to make it even more stable for little ones, hot glue the graham crackers to either 1/2 pint or pint sized milk containers. All they have to do is decorate them. (If I can do a class of 20 Kindergarteners using that formula, by myself, it will definitely work for you!)”

Whether or not the houses are delicious masterpieces or messes, though, they are definitely cute — and we bet the girls all had plenty of fun working on them together. It seems like this family had one of their merriest Christmases yet, and we can’t wait to see how they celebrate the new year.

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