Chill out. Counting On cousin Amy Duggar shared a silly photo with husband Dillon King to represent female empowerment on Sunday, March 8. Unfortunately, not everyone found humor and positivity in the post, causing him to clap back in the comments.

“Happy Women’s Day! Today let’s celebrate all the strong, beautiful and loving women who truly do it all! May we never forget that we are loved, worthy and capable!” Amy, 33, captioned the controversial photo. In the image, the beauty can be seen stepping on her husband’s chest as he laid beneath her.

Courtesy of Amy Duggar

To back up his wife, Dillon assured fans the image was all in good fun. “Everyone needs to stop, take a step back, remove the hate, and just have a laugh. My wife and I support each other wholeheartedly and this was nothing more than having some fun while shooting one day,” he explained. “If you all can’t just laugh and have a good time on here, then I would hate to see how you react to real offensive content on social media.”

Although the couple had innocent intentions, haters still pointed out the problems represented in the image. “If the roles were reversed society would absolutely hate this picture and call it ‘sexist.’ Please think before you post,” one user responded. “Feminism is about equality. It’s not about degrading men. Especially those who love and support us,” another added. “Why do you have to stand on your husband to prove you’re a strong woman?” a third asked.

Amy and Dillon are no strangers to criticism on the web. In February, the reality star spoke out about how there is “so much hate on social media” in a video shared to her Instagram Story. She continued to explain how she and other mothers are often “judged” and “looked down on.” Despite the backlash she sometimes receives, she said she has learned to take “criticism with a grain of salt,” since it’s just someone’s opinion. She continued to state how everyone does not have to agree to contribute to the conversation. It looks like the happy couple won’t let the haters get them down!

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