Colleen Conrad shared a cryptic message regarding “truth” and “responsibility” following her split with Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum Jon Gosselin.

On Monday, August 30, Colleen, 51, shared an image on Instagram that read, “The truth … is simple, doesn’t change and makes sense.”

“If you’re hearing stories that are complicated, change every time you hear them, or make no sense, chances are you’re not dealing with the truth,” the post continued. “If a person doesn’t want to take responsibility for their actions they will lie to try to make themselves look better and try to get away with it. That mean they aren’t remorseful and it will happen again.”

The quote, which was shared after the revelation of both her split from the reality TV star, 44, and the announcement that Colleen is currently battling cancer, is attributed to author Doe Zantamata. 

Jon and Colleen announced their split in early August, after seven years of dating, despite both the exes wanting it “to work out,” a source told In Touch at the time.

“They tried it all: couples therapy, family counseling, everything possible,” the insider said. 

On August 7, the mom of two publicly announced she was battling breast cancer

“I went for a mammogram on April 15. I had put it off for almost two and a half years due to lack of time and Covid, and later got a call that a mass was found in my right breast. Everything after that happened so fast,” Colleen shared, adding that she underwent a “single mastectomy” on her “right breast” on July 14, then had a DIEP Flap procedure done on July 30.

Two days prior to the announcement, the health professional shared another quote, possibly targeting her ex, on her social media account.

“You find out who’s really there for you when you need them to be there the most,” the post read.

The couple confirmed their split on August 12. 

“It’s hard, it was a big decision … it’s very upsetting,” Jon told The Sun, adding that the relationship started to deteriorate in the summer of 2020.

“Jon wishes her the best and will continue to help her through her cancer battle,” the source told In Touch. “The kids love Colleen and will continue to be in her life.” 

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