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We’re big fans of everything Down Under. Still, because Australia is so far away, some of their best brands have been kept away from American shoppers — especially when it comes to furniture. 

The good news is that one of the biggest and most sought-after Australian furniture brands has made its long-awaited debut in the United States, thanks to a recent merger.

The brand? Coco Republic. 

The legacy? Legendary.

Coco Republic has long been a source of inspiration and envy for many interior designers. They’re known for their sleek and elegant, high-quality furniture design, which mixes styles and takes risks, effortlessly bridging the indoors and the outdoors.

With its new showroom in San Francisco, Coco Republic is ushering in a new era for the historic brand that’s sure to create waves in American homes. 

Keep reading to see why interior designers are so obsessed with this brand and design house, or check out Coco Republic’s website today and see their inspired designs for yourself.

Coco Republic

Why Coco Republic’s American Debut Is Such a Big Deal

For a long time, American consumers wanting to get in on Coco Republic’s elegant design and proven quality had limited options.

New Showrooms, More Options

The only retailer who was selling Coco Republic in the United States was HD Buttercup, a Californian-based furniture store. They sold a limited range of Coco Republic products, so designers and customers were always left wanting more.

Now, with their new flagship showroom in San Francisco, Coco Republic’s full line of products is impressively on display. By merging with HD Buttercup, the brand has secured itself an established infrastructure on the continent, making their introduction more seamless and stable.

The brand plans on opening more showrooms in Southern California later this year with hopes of opening an East Coast venue in the coming years.

California and Coco Republic: A Match

So, why the West Coast? It makes sense when you take a look at Coco Republic’s aesthetic and point of view. Australian interiors are all about embracing the outdoors, merging inside and outside spaces, and treating patios, decks, and balconies as design opportunities rather than afterthoughts.

Now, consider the Californian lifestyle. Sounds pretty similar, eh? 

Californian life is all about being outside, and Coco Republic’s beachy, lived-in aesthetic has clearly found its match on the West Coast of the United States. From there, the brand can build its base of customers and designers and attract a cult following, just as it has in Australia.

That’s not to say Coco Republic won’t work on the east coast. Their sleek and comfortable furniture designs have a home in any room.

Why Is Coco Republic So Popular?

On that note, let’s unpack why Coco Republic is so popular with interior designers and design enthusiasts.

Inspired Designs

Coco Republic started out as a family-owned shop and later became a department store carrying other brands. In the early 2000s, they began producing their own label of furniture, which quickly became their most popular products. Now, it makes up for a huge portion of their business.

People seek out Coco Republic because of its stylistic decisions. The brand is known for merging classic and timeless designs with stylish and inventive choices. They don’t take themselves too seriously and love to bring a sense of wit and whimsy to their furniture, from couches to end tables to accent chairs. 

A Respected Legacy

Coco Republic’s reputation in Australia was built over fifty years. Founded in 1979 by Paul Spon-Smith, the brand started as a family furniture store. That foundation of quality-made goods with a personal touch still informs much of what the brand does today.

When Spon-Smith’s son, Anthony, took over, that’s when Coco Republic really took off and became a brand name known throughout Australia for its commitment to design and interiors. Their showrooms in Australia are huge, highly tailored experiences. 

Thought Leadership

In addition to being the creative director and co-owner of Coco Republic, Anthony Spon-Smith is something of an interiors celebrity. He’s known for his keen eye for functionality. Spon-Smith’s designs are both liveable and eye-catching, a more difficult feat than one might expect.

He draws inspiration from architecture, history, and the outdoors, bringing his Australian upbringing both to his designs within Coco Republic as well as his artisan projects, like his partnership with American heavyweight Restoration Hardware.

This eye for design is one of the reasons why Coco Republic is so respected among experts. Not only do they produce furniture, but they also have an entire business dedicated to consulting. Hotel chains, restaurants, and many other wide-scale organizations look to Coco Republic’s expertise when it comes to designing their interiors and streamlining their in-person experiences.

By achieving praise for both its own line of furniture, its client experience in showrooms, and its vision for event and hospitality spaces, Coco Republic has earned its well-deserved spot in the top lists of interior design organizations. In short, they’re worth the hype.

Check out their website today, and prepare to be inspired.

What Does the Coco Republic Aesthetic Look Like?

If you’re having trouble picturing what distinguishes Coco Republic from some of its competitors, allow us to paint a more detailed picture.

Livable and Versatile

As we’ve said, Coco Republic is best known for building exceptionally comfortable and liveable furniture. Their sofas, dining chairs, and accent chairs are all comfortable, first and foremost. They’re the kind of seats you want to sink into — and as a bonus, you’ll look fabulous doing it.

While they produce unique designs, Coco Republic’s color palettes and materials choices are versatile and accessible. They’re able to thread the difficult needle of being both unique and seamless, blending into any room without being an eyesore. Balance, quality materials, and effortless design are key.

Coco Republic

Stylish and Timeless

When it comes to their actual styles, you’ll find that Coco Republic is offering something few other brands can provide.

Their furniture is both inventive and progressive, merging classic styles with modern takes. Their furniture looks familiar and lived-in — they’re not necessarily reinventing the wheel. 

However, when you take a closer look, you can see all of the design choices which set Coco Republic’s products apart. There is an edge of elegance and sleekness which elevates everything they create. The simplest dining or coffee tables are transformed into a functional piece of art.

If you’re concerned about your interiors aging out of fashion too quickly, that is to say, being a little too on-trend, then Coco Republic can help you bridge the gap. 

Quirky and Unique

How many times have you walked into a showroom and felt totally uninspired? Yeah, not the case with Coco Republic. They’re not just producing the same style of sofa, armchair, or floor light you’ve seen a million times.

When discussing their entry to the United States, Anthony Spon-Smith pointed out that Coco Republic lets people bring some whimsy and risk-taking into their home interiors. Sure, you could outfit your home in a million shades of beige and rely on simple, standard styles, but where is the fun in that?

In Spon-Smith’s words, Coco Republic can help you bring some flavor into your home. You don’t need to be a celebrity or hire an interior designer to create something truly unique. You just need to know who to turn to for inspiration — if you ask us, Coco Republic is an elevated place to start. 

Our Last Thoughts on Coco Republic’s Massive Debut

The interior design world is all abuzz about Coco Republic’s entry into the United States market. Finally, their long sought-after and admired design is here, and the crowds inside their San Francisco flagship are a strong sign that the American appetite is ready for some Australian flavor. 

From their tasteful and elegant design to their tradition of high-quality craftsmanship, Coco Republic is a welcome addition to the American furniture market. With Anthony Spon-Smith already a known figure to interior designers here, we see this moment as an opportunity for the brand to truly flourish and become an international name.

Want to explore their line of sofas, outdoor furniture, lighting, rugs, and more?

Check out Coco Republic’s website and see if their signature styling has a place in your home. If you’re on the west coast, then enjoy being the first of American interior lovers to join the Coco Republic cult. 

As for the rest of us, the word on the street is that the brand will be rolling out its long-awaited e-commerce retail option very soon… Until then, happy window shopping!

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